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Jets Nation Podcast: Did The Jets Overpay?

As we enter into the dog days of Summer the guys recap this year’s free agent signings and whether the Jets got their money’s worth. They also look into potential arbitration for “Helly” and what the PK should look like.

(0:33) – Mason, Kulikov, and the other guys
(21:33) – Arbitration
(23:27) – The solution to the penalty kill problem

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    I laugh and laugh…. 2 backup Goalies! The Jet’s look alot better in net than the flames. Unforetunately neither team make the playoffs with those tenders, well Jet’s for sure.


    Just about every team looks better than flamers in net. Cowtown im thinking will finish 9th to 10th in the west. I got my fingers crossed that jets will grab the 8th spot.

    • LAKID

      flamers are bad in net and not to poop hot on offence. They will get out skilled,outplayed and bullied. The defence looks good on paper but they will have a big job covering up for those forwards. Smith will see more rubber than the indie 500. The jet’s don’t look much better with Mason.

      • Chuck4

        The Jets required only NHL average goaltending and reasonable healthy team to make playoffs last year.
        Maybe taking a few less penalties might be the start of a successful season and playoffs……..

  • Travis

    In short: Did the Jets overpay for Mason? No (but they didn’t get a deal, either). Did the Jets overpay for Kulikov? Yes.

    Mason’s is a fine signing. An experienced goaltender to share the crease. The price is ok, but what’s really great about the contract is its length: 2 years is just about perfect for our pipeline. It does sting a little that the other goaltender we were looking at, Elliot, went to the team we got Mason from, the Flyers, for just over half what we’re paying Mason. This deal is fine, but we maybe could have had a much better one.

    Kulikov, on the other hand, is a mistake. What were they thinking? In the very best case scenario, were Kulikov bounces back well, plays as a #4 LHD on our second pairing, and stays healthy, then what we’re paying him makes sense. But that is only the very best case, and ignores his awful posession numbers, perpetual back problems, and meager production numbers. Jets management is making a high-risk/low-reward gamble on Kulikov; hopefully he doesn’t boat-anchor us too badly in the coming years.