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Fill In The Blank: Minnesota Wild

It’s the dog days of summer when the NHL Draft is long since past, the bulk of Free Agency has been taken care of and with most NHL news having slowed to a slow trickle, we now sit watching days go by waiting for the start of training camps.

We already know how most of you feel about your Winnipeg Jets, so we wanted to ask you all about the other 30 teams in the NHL. This summer we’re going to ask for your feedback on our Twitter and Facebook on each NHL club.  Your replies can be complementary, they can be all-in-good-fun (or not) roasts, your reply can be a single word or it can be a statement.

The best replies will be gathered up and collected here for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Today… The Minnesota Wild are: _________

Just The Facts…

As always with these things, there always has to be one or two people that state the obvious..

The North Stars and Norm Green still to this day remain a sensitive topic for most Minnesota hockey fans.

That logo.. What is that thing?

Can we all just admit the Wild have one of the more interesting logos in all of sports?

It’s an animal of some sort.. That much we are pretty much certain. Maybe it’s one of the Animaniacs.. We didn’t really know what kind of animals they were either.

Someone else thought along the lines of the Marvel Universe…

On the ice…

The Wild had a strange year, finishing second in the Central and was consistently one of the better performing teams all season, but had a very disappointing first round exit in the playoffs. That led to some confusing takes on what the team really was on the ice.

Final words…

In the end, the Minnesota Wild have a reputation with many hockey fans and it hasn’t gone away yet.

And now it’s your turn… Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about the Minnesota Wild!