NHL & Adidas Reveal New Unis: Jets Remain The Same

Meet the new jersey… Pretty much same as the old jersey.

The NHL and Adidas unveiled its new line of “Adizero” hockey jerseys and while some NHL clubs received overhauls and others some minor tweaks here and there, the Winnipeg Jets jersey remains relatively untouched.

The stripes on the sleeves are the same, the shoulder patches remain, the stripes along the bottom don’t change and the logo of course is un-touched.

The collar is altered as you can see, the grey patch that hid behind the lacing on the old jersey is much more dominant now. There are changes to the cut of the fabric and the fabric itself of course that should result in a bit of a tighter fit.

If you own or have seen the World Cup of Hockey uniforms from last fall, you have a strong idea what the new NHL units will look and feel like.

The Jets – or any NHL club for that matter – will not be sporting any third / alternate jersey this season either as Adidas is focusing on production of the 62 different primary home and away uniforms they’ve brought out for this coming season.

Some Jets fans might be disappointed that the Jets didn’t go towards their Heritage Classic look from this past season, although merchandise with the re-touched vintage logo still remains popular and on store shelves. This is however good news for Jets fans who were hoping for a sticking to the status-quo with what was already a good looking uni and not have to worry about shelling out a couple of hundred bucks to update their hockey wardrobe.

The Jets official team account then later tweeted both home and road looks for next season.. Again, no major changes in anything save for that different pattern at the neck.

If the difference between Reebok and Adidas logos isn’t a major game-breaker for you, you can wear your old Jets jersey with pride and not have to worry about looking out of place.

Unless you have “PAVELEC 31” on the back, in which case… You way want to run out and get a new Adidas brand Winnipeg Jets jersey.

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What do you Jets fans think?