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Jets Nation Podcast: Most Underrated Jet

The off-season is a time to reflect and get hyped up for future potential. On today’s show the guys look at the most underrated Winnipeg Jets, the True North shout during the national anthem, and “D” prospect Sami Niku. They also touch on how to use the 13th overall pick in the entry draft, who is going to win the Cup, and should shootouts be used in championship deciding games.
(0:39) – Most underrated Jets player
(3:29) – TRUE NORTH
(7:19) – Sami Niku and how to use 13th overall
(16:52) – Go Predators
(22:02) – Shootouts in big games

  • Travis

    On drafting best player available:

    I think that if you’re drafting in the top 5, or even the top 10, depending on the draft, you absolutely take the best player available. But once you get down to 13th or even lower, is the 13th best player really that much better than the 14th? It becomes very subjective, too, at who is the “best player”. One scout says this guy, another says this other guy.

    So once you get to the middle of the draft, or lower, it makes some sense to start drafting positionally. Obviously don’t do something heinous, like skipping over 5 excellent forwards to get a so-so defenceman (*cough* Logan Stanley *cough*), but the since there’s no way to tell at that point who really is the best player, you should start thinking about the needs of the organization.

    You are guys are very right to point out that unless you’re drafting in top 3 or, your pick probably won’t make the team for 2-3 years. And this is where the challenge lies: trying to predict what will the Jets need, positionally, 3 years from now.

    Taking a stab at it as an armchair GM, I think we’re looking pretty good for forwards, with the recent crop of CHL skaters (Harkins, Spacek, etc) filling the ranks. We’re also looking OK for goalies as Phillips and Comrie continue to improve, though of course, predicting goalies is dark voodoo. On defence, Enstrom is probably done at that point, and Buffy is declining, but still a viable second-pairing, and so long as Trouba sticks around, our first pairing with him and Morrissey is set. If Meyers is still here, we’re looking good on the right, and even he’s not, we hopefully will have re-signed the solid Postma. We still have some decent D prospects in Poolman (R), Stanley (L), Green (R) and Niku (L), but none of them are locks.

    So on the face of it, I would say that yes, 3 years from now, our single weakest position is still probably Left D. The only for-sure good Left D we’ll have at that point is Morrisey, and there are no blue-chip Left Ds in the system right now, only a few possibles.