Throwback Thursday: This Week in Hockey History

This week we’re still talkin’ playoffs, including some OT heroes and big letdowns. Let’s relive some playoff excitement and heart break! Here’s what happened on the week of April 27 to May 3rd:


May 3, 2004: Brian Burke was fired by the Canucks after six years with the organization, a career that most notably saw him bring in Henrik and Daniel Sedin.

May 1, 1987: Pat Quinn leaves the Kings to become President and GM of the Canucks. He would also take on a coaching role with Vancouver from 1991-1994.

April 28, 1994: Trevor Linden scores the OT winner against the Flames to force game 7. This goal would be his first and only OT playoff goal:

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May 3rd, 2004: OT hero, Martin Gelinas became the first player to score the OT winner to end three different playoff series with three different teams. Talk about clutch!


April 28, 1996: The Jets played their last game (a 4-1 loss to Detroit) in Winnipeg before being relocated to Phoenix.

April 27, 1993: Teemu Selanne scores the OT winner in game 5 against the Canucks (4:53 of the below video). The NHL saw 28 OT goals that year in the playoffs, which would be the most in NHL history.


April 30, 1986: While Oilers fans are all thinking happy playoff thoughts right now, I’m going to rain on the parade and remind everyone of that one time Steve Smith scored an own goal (video below), which would rock the Oilers and see them lose the game and the series to Calgary. Oh, and it was his birthday. What a night for good ol’ Steve:

April 29, 1997: Todd Marchant scores the OT winner to upset the Dallas Stars in game 7:

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May 2, 1967: Old guys for the win – and by old I mean over 30. The Leafs became the first team to win the Stanley Cup with a roster averaging an age of 30 or older. This is also the last Cup the Leafs would win. Looks like it might be time for them to break a youngest roster record.

April 28, 1988: The Leafs named Gord Stellick GM. At just 30 years of age, he became the youngest GM in NHL history.


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May 1, 2008: Johan Franzen scored three goals against the Avs for a record-breaking nine goals in a four-game series, also breaking Gordie Howe’s franchise record of eight goals in a series of any length.

April 29, 1993: Makin’ it rain hats! Dino Ciccarelli became the first player to score a hat trick in a playoff game with three different teams.

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  • For something different, I thought to watch Global news in Edmonton this morning. Their take on Oilers losing is too funny. Have the Oilers ever lost an honest game? It’s always the referees screwing the Oil. The refs hate us. The league favors Americans. Come on now. Somehow Oilers won game two, I don’t know how, but they did. They were out shot 2 to 1, out played and out chanced. Last night, the shots were what, 23 to 5 in the second period? You don’t win playing like that.

    Also, your weatherman needs to pick up his game. It’s not raining with thunderstorms in Van. I’m looking out the window right now, and the sun is shinning. Looks to be another great day in beautiful British Columbia.

    • That's My Point

      Wake up Bob! ALERT: Environment Canada has a Special Weather Statement for Vancouver.
      Metro Vancouver
      Thunderstorms with heavy downpours are likely to develop late today….

      A warm, humid southerly flow of air over the south coast today will combine with an approaching Pacific cold front to create favourable conditions for thunderstorm development over the Lower Mainland by this evening. It’s possible a few of these storms will cross the southern tip of Vancouver Island as well. These storms will give localized heavy downpours of 15 to 25 mm along with the risk of hail.

      Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to [email protected] or tweet reports using #BCStorm.

  • Southboy

    The sad part of your post backup bob is that the entire first round we complained that the reffing, and league screwed us. Hello High Stick Goal!!! Still mad about that.

    I actually watched the boiler game last night, and i would actually have to agree with all the panelists ‘ even don cherry said it was goalie interference’ he also said the 2nd one was offside, and the OT goal was icing.

    I would go as far as to say the league screws every canadian team ‘ other than toronto’ to push Bettmans US ratings agenda.