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Scheifele Hopeful for Jets Turnaround

Mark Scheifele is looking at the teams that have turned things around to make the playoffs this year and he’s hopeful the Jets can be one of them.

In an interview with the National Post, Scheifele said:

“We want to be that team.You see that any team can go on that run. You see that a team can go from last to the playoffs, and that’s something that we have to strive for. We can’t look at ourselves as young or inexperienced. Toronto did that and they’re just as young as we are. We have to believe in ourselves. Just missing out on the playoffs can’t be satisfactory. We have to be better than that.”

Last season, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Edmonton Oilers finished in 30th and 29th place respectively and are both making waves in this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. Winnipeg finished the year with a 40-35-7 record, leaving them just outside of the playoff cut line but being close isn’t good enough for Scheifele. While he admitted that there were positives to take away from the year, it is important to ensure that the group doesn’t allow frustration to creep in – that’s when the trouble happens.

If the Jets can make a few adjustments to the roster then they will be well on their way to pushing for a playoff spot next season. You never know what would have happened had they been able to get an extra save or two. Mark Scheifele is right when he says that there are plenty of things to like about the Winnipeg Jets but that there’s also room to grow and improve, a goal they will surely bring into next season.

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“You want to win and you want to win now. Obviously, this league is a really good league and it’s tough to make the playoffs. A lot of good teams don’t make the playoffs every year, but for me, you can’t get frustration fully into your head, because you always have to keep working and pushing.


    Well I would look at the management for starting the season in controversy with the Trouba ordeal. Players were talking out in public about the situation. Management handled it poorly and now they continue too. Trouba wants out, get rid of him. The Jet’s have no excuse for missing the playoff’s , there is too much talent on that team, unless of course they are not a TEAM? What would you think the problem would be?

    • FishWhiskey

      A GM who’s teams have not won a playoff game in six years, a verifiably bad coach (check his record), and abysmal assistants non of whom are held to any form of accountability. Toronto and Edmonton managed to rebuild and be in the playoffs in two years by hiring top shelf GMs and coaches. That is not a coincidence. Keep the scouting staff and fire the whole front office and coaching staff. Once competent hockey people are running the show then decisions on player personnel can be made so that a real team might take shape.