Justice isn’t served: Enstrom out with Concussion.

After being the recipient of a nasty hit from behind, Toby Enstrom will be sidelined indefinitely with a concussion.

While Sestito received a four-game suspension, the punishment does not provide the Jets with any justice whatsoever.

Winnipeg loses a top-four defenceman for an indefinite period, whereas the Penguins lineup is not weakened by having Sestito suspended. The Penguins brought up Sestito as somewhat of a “protection” figure ahead of their tilt against the Jets. The previous time the Jets and Penguins faced off, tempers flared after Evgeni Malkin hit Blake Wheeler with a high hit.

The Penguins dressed Sestito while the Jets responded with dressing Chris Thorburn. But before those two could square off, Wheeler decided to settle his own unfinished business and took on Malkin himself.

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After Malkin and Wheeler had fought, you’d have to think that Sestito would be rather irrelevant for the remainder of the game. Yet, Sestito engaged in a staged fight with Thorburn and then subsequently injured Enstrom to end off his brief night. The biggest stinger for the Jets isn’t just the fact they have lost Enstrom. But, the fact that they lost Enstrom from an unnecessary hit from someone that is frankly– an unnecessary player in today’s game.