Instant Analysis: Jets trade Drew Stafford to Bruins for Conditional sixth round pick

As the final deadline deals were announced, the Winnipeg Jets maneuvered a deal that many anticipated. leading up until the deadline. The Jets dealt Drew Stafford to the Boston Bruins in exchange for a conditional sixth round draft pick.

The reasons for trading Stafford are twofold. For starters, asset management is a priority. 

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It was apparent the Jets likely wouldn’t be retaining Stafford beyond this season and along with the fact the Jets are in an uphill battle to even have a shot at the playoffs, trading Stafford for an asset only seemed fitting. 

Secondly, Stafford was clogging up a spot that the Jets will need in only a few days time. With Marko Dano and Andrew Copp recently cleared for contact, the Jets need to open up spots to make way for those two. The Jets would rather ship off a respected veteran like Stafford for a draft pick then have him sit in the press box and walk next year in free agency, with no compensation to show for it. 

Stafford’s tenure with the Jets had it’s ups and it’s downs. After initially being acquired as a rental in the Evander Kane blockbuster deal, Winnipeg re-signed Drew Stafford to a two-year $8.7 million dollar contract. Fresh off an extension, Stafford notched 21 goals last season, only to significantly decline the following season and only score a mere four goals through forty games this season. 

At the time of this publishing, the conditions to the sixth round pick the Jets have acquired are yet to be announced. 

Looking Onward 

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  • Brock Landers

    The goalie situation required resolution before training camp ended in 2016. The Kane/Bogosian trade is a bust as are the Jets, Chevy should be put on notice that come regular season time next season he needs to have solved the goaltending and defensive issues and done whatever it takes to attract the required players to the Peg’, before the exodus ensues…

    Las season and this season Chevy gets an F.

  • Brock Landers

    VIJETFAN, yes and no.

    I think the bogo & Kane for myers and stafford part is a win for the Sabres, in my opinion, all though not all would agree (keep in mind Stafford was a rental anyhow)

    The key part for the Jets is Armia, a pick that became Jack Roslovic, and Brendan Lemieux, and also noting Jason Kasdorf went the other way.

    With hindsight I would make that trade again. Kane is the strongest player in trade, so value for Sabres too, but all of Myers Kane and Bogo have had injury issues so that is a factor, and I think Armia + Roslovic + Lemieux is a pretty healthy prospect pile.

    • Brock Landers

      I’m just venting about missing the playoffs and having a laugh at Chevy’s inaction. As much as I like and want to see Lemieux and Roslovic make some noise with the Jets, like #ONEMANARMiA they still have a ways to go 😉