WWYDW: How to Address Organizational Needs


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The Jets are in a lot of trouble. People are already looking forward to next season and it isn’t even the trade deadline, yet. What had a potential to be a promising season for the Jets, now is turning into another tire fire.

In fact, there is a lot of work that needs to be done going into the 2017-18 season and even before the upcoming off season. There’s the expansion draft and the 2017 entry draft coming in June. You can even lump the trade deadline into this category.

The Jets have many needs up and down the organization. The question is what is the most pressing need?

The coach has the team playing a low event style of hockey, but the team is geared for high event style of hockey. The defense has some of the best defensemen in the NHL, but they also consistently play some of the worst in the NHL. The Jets have a promising young goaltender, but he has not been able to string together a consistent stretch of games for the team.

I can go on with a list similar to that. But, I’ve made my point. There’s a lot of work to be done by management and I question management’s ability to properly evaluate what needs to be done.

This is the same management that has led the Jets to the playoffs only once since the Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg. The management has drafted top players like Jacob Trouba, Mark Scheifele, Patrik Laine, Nik Ehlers, Josh Morrissey and Kyle Connors since the relocation. The Jets have the pleasure of using elite players like Bryan Little, Blake Wheeler and Dustin Byfuglien.

Yet, the playoffs seem so far away.

Obviously, there is a defensive depth issue and an issue with goaltending, but there is an organizational philosophy issue as well. There seems to be a desire to be okay with the status quo, look at how little the roster will change in the next year.

The methods they used to get to the playoffs two seasons ago worked and required a long term commitment from management to continue into the following seasons. But, they did not evaluate their talent properly and when it came to committing to secondary pieces like Frolik and Stepniak, the Jets let them walk.

It seems like the Jets are scared they will make a mistake in a trade and are hoping the right pieces fall into their laps.

As a result, we are with a management seemingly okay with how they stand; afraid to make a move because of making a mistake in player evaluation.

All of leads to the question, what is the biggest need for the Jets?

Do the Jets need a new goaltender?

Do the Jets need better forward depth?

Do the Jets require more defensemen?

Is a new management team in order? If so, should this management team be in place before the expansion draft?

What’s the biggest organizational need?

What Would You Do Jets Nation?

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  • Paul from NZ

    I think LH defence should be priority number 1, especially looking at Garret’s recent articles. The other issue is coaching.

    Hard to properly evaluate goalies before defence and coaching is fixed. Wouldnt want to give up an asset to bring in a veteran goalie, only to have them also fail due to structure and defence.

    Coaching is actually a relatively easy fix. Either now or during the offseason better options are available.

    Defence is harder. Much harder to draft and develop defence, and potentially this is showing a weakness in the draft and develop strategy.

    I actually think our forward cupboards are well stocked. Certainly well enough to make the play-offs, and probably well enough to go deep, if other issues are resolved.

    My view would be to trade a forward to add a defenceman.

    Who would it be? Little is a fantastic player, and lovable guy, but wondering if he is the one to make room for the contracts of younger guys? Shief can take the space at 1C. In regards to 2C there are options with Jack Roslovic coming in (early to say that I know), MP, Copp, Petan. I would say problem there is 3 number 3 centres and no stand out number 2 – but potentially one of the younger ones may develop, and shoring up LHD is the number one organisational need.

    Another option is a Trouba + piece trade for a LHD + RHD. I.e. If Little is the 2C for the next 5 years would you trade Trouba + Roslovic for 2 solid D pieces?

    I guess before any trades are made I continue to have a lingering worry that coaching is the number one issue. How much improvement in D could we see simply by playing a better system?

  • Paul from NZ

    HellebuycK deserves to have someone better to play with while he develops and it needs to happen before training camp.

    Pavelec’s salary will be gone, maybe Hutch will be taken?

    Stafford, Perreault, Dano, Armia, Petan, and a Moose or two all come to mind as potential one or two trade combo’s. It might hurt a bit but a deal needs to be made.

    A free agent or a trade for LD and some D futures and I’m good.

  • ground control

    “I better bust my but out there, otherwise Mark Stuart will take my spot on the third pair”. – A Jets third pairing Defenceman

    Agreed VIJETFAN, the defence needs to be upgraded. There needs to be more competition for ice time and more accountability. Why does Buff get away with countless mistakes in our zone? Because he can.