WWYDW: What Should The Jets Do With Tyler Myers?

The Jets are in a bit of trouble. Last week we wrote a hopeful article about how the Jets are not out of the playoff picture and could easily make a playoff run. Since then, it’s growing more and more difficult to believe in a playoff push for two reasons: Paul Maurice’s desire to make Pavelec his number one starter again and the fact that Tyler Myers just had surgery that will see him out for another 6-8 weeks.

Myers’ return date improbably brings him back at the end of this season, most likely limiting him to the final 11 games of the 2016-17 season. Myers’ injury has really highlighted the lack of defensive depth the Jets possess. The lack of defensive depth will hopefully be addressed at the trade deadline or more likely, in the off-season through free agency.

However, there is an interesting dimension that comes to the Tyler Myers Saga. He could potentially miss 60 consecutive games with a potential career ending injury and make him exempt from the expansion draft.

This is what Cap Friendly says about injuries and how they may affect the expansion draft:

Players with potential career-ending injuries who have missed
the previous 60+ consecutive games due to an injury, do not meet the criteria
set forth by the league in respect to the minimum exposure requirements for
players, and in certain cases these players may even be deemed as exempt from
the Expansion Draft selection process.

Myers being out could end up being a good thing for the Jets, in terms of being able to protect more of their valuable young players. That being said, having Myers sidelined could be a problem in terms of the teams current depth this season and beyond. Even though the Jets have stated that they expect him to make a full recovery, what if he doesn’t? Because as it stands, the Jets will have with relatively the same defence core going into the 2017-18 season, with the exception of Paul Postma, who is an UFA.

Keeping the same defence core isn’t going to cut it. The waiver wire has been full of potential good pick ups, but management has avoided making a claim. Maybe the hope is Myers would have been back earlier and they did not want to waste a roster space.

But now, if the Jets want to save their season need to make a trade for a defenceman, especially if they want to have defensive depth going into the 2017-18 season. The other issue is Byfuglien and Enstrom are on the wrong side of 30 and will start to decline, so they will need some more help.

Recognizing that the Jets have passed on free assets from the waiver wire, what would you do Jets Nation?

Would you trade for more defensive depth and really try to save the season?

Wait for the waiver wire to have a better bottom pairing defenceman than what the Jets have?

As well, do you risk leaving Myers exposed at the expansion draft and use the freed up cap space to sign a couple of cheaper options on defence if he is claimed?

Or, do you create the Jets’ version of Robidas Island, called Myers Resort and place Myers there? This would also allow for creation of cap space.

Most importantly, tell us what you would do! 

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  • ktecACadaptor

    Oh, I’ve been waiting for this one. Expose his *** in the expansion draft.

    Sure, we’re lacking depth at D. But Myers has been so injury-prone I’ve lost total confidence in his ability to contribute as part of the Jets’ future. He’s the new Grant Clitsome of the organization.

    Exposing him allows us to protect some of our excellent forward prospects. Yes, the depth in our D pool is much weaker than at forward, but we stand a better chance of parlaying some of that forward depth into D prospects than hanging on to an oversized player who may only play a handful of games again.

    Maybe he turns around, maybe he doesn’t. But I’d rather have Dano, Perreault and Lowry still with us than take a chance on his recovery.

  • ktecACadaptor

    No sense in doing anything stupid to “maybe” make the playoffs. Waiting for the right deal is the way to go imo. A solid back up goalie (1b preferably) and journeyman D x 2 are needed, so some combo of trade and free agency acquisition are needed. Jets can move some forwards and have lots of cap space $$$. Evaluate the bench make decisions there and 2017-2018 could be pretty exciting for one of the most deserving fan bases in pro hockey.

    Pretty comfy here in the layzyboy 🙂