Jets Nation Podcast: Trade Bait

The NHL trade deadline is just over a month away and some Winnipeg Jets have been identified as “trade bait”. 

The guys look at some early rumours and touch on the All-Star game, Tyler Myers injury impact, and the goalie situation.
(0:40) – NHL trade deadline
(14:01) – Laine is back for All-Star game
(16:22) – Does Tyler Myers injury change expansion plan?
(20:37) – Kyle gets worked up about Ondrej Pavelec

  • jetsfanmike

    Regarding Pavelec, he ends up having a little more trade value versus “just being a waiver pick up” if the Jets agree to retain salary. This way, a team that’s up tight against the cap but sees a need for a veteran back up goalie for their playoff run may send a mid-round draft pick back for him or perhaps a B level defense prospect.

    The trade I think makes the most sense involving Pavelec though is a Pavelec for Halak trade.

    The Islanders don’t want Halak and his big salary next season (the last year of his contract), so they’d take Pavelec and his big contract back because it expires after this season.

    After acquiring Halak, the Jets could send Hutchinson to the Moose without fear of losing him on waivers (since he’s their required expansion draft eligible goalie and Halak would assume this role if Hutch was claimed by another team).

    Halak seems to be an ideal fit as the “1A” or “1B” to Hellebuyck’s “1B” or “1A” role for the rest of this season and next season (assuming Los Vegas doesn’t select Halak in the expansion draft).

    It makes so much sense, probably the only reason this deal hasn’t happened yet is because Chevy feels like he’d be doing Snow a favour so he wants more back from Snow and Snow probably feels like he’s doing Chevy a favour and also wants a little more added from the Jets’ side.