News and Analysis: Arizona Coytotes claim Alexander Burmistrov

A day after the Winnipeg Jets placed Alex Burmistrov on waivers, he was scooped up by the Arizona Coyotes, ending his four-year tenure as a Jet. 

Placing Burmistrov on waivers made a lot of sense for the Jets. It became apparent his role with the club was diminishing and young players like Andrew Copp and Brandon Tanev serve more of a purpose in a depth role than Burmistrov does. 

“I had other players ahead of him ( on the depth chart).” said Paul Maurice early this afternoon. ” The role he was looking for just wasn’t here…Alex has a strong view at what he’s good at and me and Alex would not agree on that.” Maurice continued. 

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Burmistrov wasn’t a fit in the team’s bottom six and even if someone were to be injured, Andrew Copp or Brandon Tanev could simply provide more than Burmistrov could. Burmistrov’s game is based off of skill and flashiness and that alone can’t earn you a bottom six lineup spot. The two-way game that Burmistrov once possessed has hit a significant decline as well. 

There wasn’t an opportunity for Burmistrov in Winnipeg and you’d have to think the Jets are somewhat relieved Burmistrov is off their hands. It’s really no surprise that Arizona took a chance on Burmistrov. Furthermore, I’d bet as many as a handful of teams put a waiver claim on him. 

Someone like Burmistrov that was a former first round pick and contains raw skill, will get second and third chances in the NHL. But after all this time in Winnipeg, I’m not sure how convinced I am that a change of scenery will do wonders for Burmistrov. 

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Nevertheless, Arizona can provide him with more opportunity than Winnipeg could.  Burmistrov will have a chance to fight for the role he thinks he deserves.

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As you can see, Arizona’s centre depth is very thin. Along with that, Martin Hanzal their best centreman, has been long rumoured to be on the trade block and Arizona’s need for centres could greatly increase in the near future.

Burmistrov will face off against his former team twice in the upcoming month as the Jets face the Coyotes on January 13th and 18th. 

    • Struggling_A_Lot

      You mean “doesnt play well with coaches” right? Cause he didnt agree with Noel and doesnt agree with Maurice on his utility. Honestly, the way he was developed by both organizations was handled horribly. He should have had time to develop his offensive game in the AHL or CHL instead of coming straight to the NHL.