Should/Could the Jets Trade Toby Enstrom

With the Jets looking to stay over .500 as they deal with some defensive woes, there are many questions surrounding the future of one of the longest-tenured Jets: Toby Enstrom.

In 35 games this season, the 32-year-old blueliner has scored just one goal and nine points. He is a plus-2 and has 26 PIM so far this season, but one problem surrounds around his numerous giveaways and lack of physicality on the blueline. 

Despite an overall drop in his offensive and defensive game, Enstrom still factors into the top four. However, there are many options when it comes to trading away Enstrom, and likely many teams who would pay for a top-four blueliner of his calibre.

Could The Jets Trade Toby Enstrom?

First off, Enstrom is a solid, experienced shutdown defenseman. Not only can he eat big minutes, but he’s a proven puck-moving blueliner who can put up points and start the breakout with outstanding passing and great on-ice intelligence. He can still slot into the top four and be productive on special teams.

On the contrary, it looks as if his overall rating is going down from this point forward. He seems to struggle when it comes to putting up as many points as he has in the past, and he lost a lot of his offensive edge. Not to mention, he takes poor penalties and lacks physicality, which leads to him losing battles in the defensive zone and even failing to win those fights in the corners. With that in mind, he may not be a player that teams would pay a lot for, given his age and decline.

Should The Jets Trade Toby Enstrom?

Winnipeg has great prospects and up-and-coming defenders waiting in the wings, so many are curious as to why Enstrom is still the Jets’ go-to guy on the top four. It is simply because he is still an important shutdown defenseman, as well as a leader and a strong voice in the locker room. His experience and time with the Jets is unparalleled, and he is surely an important member of the organization as a whole.

In addition, though he and Jacob Trouba don’t do the best job on the bottom pairing, Enstrom is helping Trouba have a more solid performance, and Trouba fares better with him when it comes to what really matters: goals against. So in a way, with Enstrom playing with Trouba, he is not pulling him down, but instead, he is helping him when it comes to developing and mentoring him into a stronger, puck-moving defenseman.

To argue that Trouba does have a stronger relative Corsi without Enstrom and would benefit from having a younger partner, or moving up to play with someone like Byfuglien. In the end, Enstrom isn’t vital to Trouba’s growth, though he does seem to benefit him for the time being.

I’m going to stand by the long-tenured Thrasher/Jet and say this: hold onto Enstrom. Let the young blueliners continue to develop and gain experience; there’s a top-four defenseman that may be in the twilight of his career, but shows true heart and effort each game, and knows how to move the puck.

  • Struggling_A_Lot

    Toby and Trouba done play on the bottom pairing though. And while our forward prospects and depth is good we really don’t have any defensive prospects even close to being ready for an NHL spot, nevermind top 4. Tobys play is solid he’s just taking too many stupid penalties (common theme). His gap at the blue line is still great and he’s almost always in the correct positioning. He’s even shooting the puck more this year. Don’t think the analysis of his game and role in this article is well thought out.
    That said, if we lose a couple more and it’s a lost season auction him off to the highest bidder.

  • Struggling_A_Lot

    Somewhat flawed argument points, as:
    1. this pairing is NOT bottom third pairing, and
    2. to play #8 with #33 would likely have Trouba play L-side defence- which was a conflict point previously in his holdout.
    3. As for defence A-grade prospects, the cupbosrds are bare at present (outside of Poolman being a dark-horse player at end of College year at UND).
    Perhaps better question is would the Jets re-coup a better L-side defence player in a trade?

  • Struggling_A_Lot

    If we trade him we will need to get a denfensive prospect in return or a pick that could be a solid defense prospect. Otherwise keep him as he brings stability and consistency to the defence corps which is really needed with the way our defense is built.

  • Struggling_A_Lot

    Enstrom is a keeper for at least a season and a half he will have good trade value by then for a team looking for a quick upgrade. During that time the core young D men will be sorted and as someone said above we may get a journeyman lefty via trade. Enstrom provides stability in the interim (and is of solid character as evidenced by his handling of overseas personal matters of late) Chiarot and Postma are going to be due for re-signing and they could be shopped with a pick or prospect for the accomplished Lefty D? A lot of what ifs there though admittedly.

  • Struggling_A_Lot

    Can’t loose Enstrom. Toby’s first pass is the best among Jets D. He’s so efficient, accurate and deceptive with it that he’s the reason for a lot of the Jets rushes/ quick strikes up the ice. The opposite would be Stuart/Chirot who get the puck out of the zone by banging it off the glass for icing.
    Enstrom’s presence will influence other Jets D men. Subtracting him would also affect the frequency that the young star forwards get the puck and the quality of the circumstances that they get the puck in.
    Keep Enstrom and turn him into a coach at the end of his playing career and get Huddy an all expenses paid trip to Mount Everest so the Jets can get someone familiar with modern hockey systems while he’s gone.