JN Recap – Jets Salvage A Split

Embed from Getty Images And now exhale… The Jets head into the Christmas break on a little bit of a high as they beat the Vancouver Canucks and avoid a bit of a mini-disaster by splitting the two game series and even more important for the psyche of everyone involved, staying two points ahead of…


JGD 36: Jets Attempt To Save Face In Vancouver

Embed from Getty Images Yes, Tuesday night’s game was as much fun as a trip to the dentist for root canal surgery. In other words, it wasn’t a good night for the Winnipeg Jets as they fell 4-1 at the hands of the Vancouver Canucks. The Jets hope to avenge the loss in Thursday’s rematch…


JetsNation Recap – Jets Bury Avalanche In 4-1 Win

Embed from Getty Images The Jets didn’t do anything extraordinary to win today’s contest against the Avalanche and they didn’t need to. The Avalanche are a bad team and all the Jets had to do was just play a simple game, stay out of the penalty box and hope Calvin Pickard didn’t turn into the…


JGD 34: Jets VS Avs in Sunday Matchup

Embed from Getty Images Welcome to the Sunday matinee version of the Jets game day post, where I have to get up early to tell you what’s going on with the Jets and you can enjoy your Sunday afternoon soup. So, what is going on with your Jets? They are closing out a 2 game…

WWYDW: Time To Look At Paul Maurice Again

Embed from Getty Images Welcome to this week’s version of What Would You Do Wednesday where you are asked a question and debate among yourselves what the answer is. Unfortunately, the only prize you will receive will be the most Twitter mentions.   For this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday, I am posing the question:…

Blake Wheeler’s leadership shouldn’t be undervalued

Embed from Getty Images Patrik Laine had a tough night last night. That’s an understatement, he had an excruciatingly tough night. Scoring on his own net to spoon feed the Oilers a victory isn’t an easy thing to digest for an 18 year-old scoring phenom. Laine skated back to the bench with a heavy amount of disappointment on his shoulders and his sadness…


Jets Nation Recap: Alberta Road Trip Is A Disaster

Embed from Getty Images Good news. The Winnipeg Jets don’t have to visit Alberta again this season. Bad news. The Jets were swept on their two game trek into Wildrose country. Despite a better team effort compared to last night, (which isn’t saying much) the Jets lost 3-2 to the Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Arena.


JGD: Finnish the Weekend Strong

Embed from Getty Images They hid him last time, but there’s no escaping now. Patrik Laine and Jesse Puljujarvi will finally face off for the first time in the NHL tonight, finally deciding once and for all who will have the better career. …wait, he’s hurt? This is never going to happen, is it?


Jets Nation Recap: Jets Get Stampeded In Calgary

Embed from Getty Images Hideous! Horrendous! Horrible! Putrid! Pathetic! Disgraceful! Ghastly! Repugnant! Abominable! Loathsome! Pick your adjective everyone. Because all of these would perfectly describe the Winnipeg Jets performance. In a game that should never be spoken of again, the Jets were trampled 6-2 by the Calgary Flames in the Stampede City.