Jets Nation Recap: Jets Get Stampeded In Calgary

Hideous! Horrendous! Horrible! Putrid! Pathetic! Disgraceful! Ghastly! Repugnant! Abominable! Loathsome! Pick your adjective everyone. Because all of these would perfectly describe the Winnipeg Jets performance. In a game that should never be spoken of again, the Jets were trampled 6-2 by the Calgary Flames in the Stampede City.

Game Notes:

  • Things actually didn’t look that bad after the first period. The game was scoreless. The Jets had some pretty good scoring chances. Michael Hutchison looked sharp between the pipes. It was all sunshine and rainbows in the first 20 minutes. Then the second period happened. Winter reared its ugly head. The Flames exploded for four goals while the Jets looked like a 1985 Ford Escort getting run over by an eighteen-wheeler. It was a sad display by the Jets who looked listless and lost. 
  • Let’s talk about a rare event in this game. Positive moments for the Jets. Nikolaj Ehlers goalless drought ended at 15 games with a shorthanded marker in the third period. Jacob Trouba scored his first of the season at the buzzer. But those two events were the only bright lights in a very long and dark tunnel the Jets could not escape from.
  • Paul Maurice juggled his lines and yet again, he couldn’t find the right formula. Maurice has used injuries, a tough schedule and bad luck as excuses but at some point, the finger will be pointed at him. The fans (as you will see shortly) are getting angry and starting to warm up the coaching hot seat. Will management heed the fans call?
  • The power play is a joke. The Jets did go 1/4 with the man advantage but their lone tally was Trouba’s buzzer beater when the game was out of reach. The Jets had two power play opportunities in the second period but didn’t register a single shot during those chances. Ugh!
  • Michael Hutchison started the game but was replaced by Connor Hellebuyck in the third but this one isn’t on Hutch. The Jets abandoned Hutch like a rich man abandons a $5.00 bill on the street. It was a night where goalies go to therapy and revisit awful nights and Hutch will be on the therapist’s couch revisiting this night in Calgary and wonder why did my friends not help me. 
  • Dougie Hamilton was the best player on the ice tonight. His 2 goals and 1 assist set the pace while he seemed to have complete control of the game whenever he was on the ice. The Flames should NOT trade him but we’ll take him if they don’t want him.

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GIF Of The Night:

We snuck some cameras in and found Paul Maurice’s game plan.


  • Gorfad

    Good, fun read… shame the Jets weren’t good. If things keep going the way they are going I am guessing a coaching change with 15 game remaining in the season.

  • Gorfad

    Is this a systems issue? The jets game seems to be all about dumping-and-chasing. Our forwards never get to the puck in time and the play is back in our end. Same story for both 5v5 as well as the power play. I’ve never seen us set up a proper power play without carrying it in…

  • Brock Landers

    If Chris Thorburn is in the line-up tonight that will tell you everything you need to know about this teams commitment to winning games this season. There’s simply no way Burmi isn’t a better fourth line option, at least he can play the defensive side of the puck reasonably. If they need a scrappy winger who will fight – THEN FIND A NEW ONE.