JetsNation Recap: Worst. Game. Ever?

Since they came up north from Atlanta, the Winnipeg Jets have played 395 regular season games and while it’s hard to remember every single one of them in detail, it’s tough to remember a game that they were so thoroughly out-played in as they were tonight in Boston.

4-1 was the final score, but it really could have been a lot worse.

Every single shortcoming the Jets have had this season was exposed in a big way in one single game against the Bruins.

Inability to exit their own zone quickly and efficiently? Check.

Inability to win faceoffs? Yup.

Over-reliance on shots from the perimeter of the zone to generate offense? You bet.

Lack of roster depth? Certainly. The injuries are catching up to this team big time.

Average at best goaltending that can’t be relied on to steal a game? Seems unfair to point out after a night like tonight, but given what we saw in Philly where the Jets clearly out-played the Flyers only to have Steve Mason stone the Jets, we’d have to agree to this fact as well.


  • If all the problems listed above weren’t quite enough, the Jets also had the ghosts of 2015-16 appear as they took multiple bad restraining foul penalties that twice forced them to kill 5 on 3 power plays. They got away a bit lucky in the 1st period as the Bruins flubbed and outright missed a handful of shots, but the B’s made no mistake when given a second 5 on 3 power play in the second period.

  • No one play summed up the Jets effort tonight quite like the Bruins third goal where Dustin Byfuglien casually flipped the puck from center ice directly to a Bruins player in his own zone. From there the rest of the Jets kept casually going forward while the B’s quickly got the puck to a transitioning Brad Marchand who flew past the Jets players like they had cement blocks for skates and out-waited Michael Hutchinson on a nice looking breakaway goal. It was a bad play by Buff and the rest of the team on the ice seemed lethargic trying to cover for the bad play.

  • The Bruins won 70% of the face-offs tonight and had the Jets on their heels the entire time because of it. I can’t imagine anyone having watched this game and still be sure that faceoffs aren’t important. For a team like the Jets that has issues getting the puck out of their own zone to begin with, starting each play without posession of the puck is a recipe for disaster.

  • Is there even a point in singling out bad players? They were all bad in different levels. Petan and Dano were the only players to be on the positive side of cosri and it wasn’t by much.

  • With that said, I personally hope this pumps the breaks on the talk that guys should be traded to make room for the kids that had been doing really well up until tonight. Copp was invisable. Tanev’s effort is negated against bigger and stronger teams like the Bruins. This team is missing the likes of Stafford, Perreault and Myers and maybe it’s time to admit that the kids that were called up maybe aren’t quite ready for a constant grind of an NHL schedule.

  • Tomorrow’s game in Carolina might not be much better. The Jets do look every bit like a team that hasen’t had two days off in a row in over a month.







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  • FishWhiskey

    Art, I’m not sure I follow your reasoning. Petan and Dano were the only two Jets with + CORSI therefore Stafford would make things better? I don’t know about you but I did not see a single Jets veteran that showed any spark or leadership out there last night. The only little bits of effort I saw out there came from the youngsters.

    I do agree that last nights game was perhaps the worst hockey the Jets have EVER played but this brings us back to small sample size. They lost to a hot goalie in Philly and had been showing great improvement in the preceding games. Lets keep in mind that Montreal got blown out 10-0 once this year as well.

    Last nights fiasco looked more like a team that had blown curfew and were too hung over to play hockey.

    Lets see if they can bounce back tonight, eh?