Jets Nation Podcast: Drafting 19-Year-Olds?

The NHL GM meetings have brought up some interesting topics ranging from the NHL’s participation at the Olympics, to the draft age being raised. 

We look at some of these issues along with the recent Hockey Hall of Fame induction in this weeks podcast.
(0:40) – Should the draft age be changed to 19?
(7:20) – Who is next into the hall of fame
(13:12) – NHL at the Olympics
(17:03) – Jets on fire

  • Paul from NZ

    Dont see how increasing the age would help anyone but teams who finish low.

    Players don’t lose anything by being drafted at 18? Potentially an extra year of salary, and most dont play in the NHL at 18 anyway. Austin Matthews didnt benefit from having to wait 12 months to play?

    The fans are better off with a wider pool of players? Would we like it if the NHL didnt have Laine in it this year?

    Teams like the Jets who seem to be able to find players like Sheifele and Connor benefit from having the draft a year earlier. Potentially the Oilers would have benefited however from an extra year to look at some of their recent draft picks (Yakapov, RNH).

    So I don’t really see the point. I guess it helps league parity by removing some of the uncertanity associated with the draft…