Canucks Army and Vancouver Canucks Co-Host Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference 2017


Canucks Army is excited to announce we’ll be co-hosting the 2017 Vancouver Hockey Analytics conference with the Vancouver Canucks, Hockey Graphs and Hockey Data.

This event follows in the footsteps of last year’s event, a smashing success held at the Harbour Centre. The Vancouver Canucks have stepped forward this year to help host the event and have even volunteered Rogers Arena as a location. 

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The Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference, or VanHac for short, is the largest of its type on the West Coast. The event aims to provide a platform for members of the hockey community to share ideas and collaborate on a variety of topics related to hockey analytics.

This platform also offers an increased level of visibility for the analysts who ply their trade in this field, whether they’re developers, organizations or businesses within the community.

You can find information about the event here:

Date: Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Location: Rogers Arena, Vancouver, Canada

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The call for speakers is currently open with a deadline of January 10th, 2017.  See the website for more details or go here to submit your submission.  

The plan as of now is to cap the amount of participants at 100 individuals. If you’re interested in attending the event, I recommend following the link above, as it will be updated as more information is made available.

  • Donald's Hat Trick

    I’d be careful, this sounds like a set up… They’re going to get all you nerds into Rogers, lock the doors and have a bunch of character guys give you wedgies.

    • Killer Marmot


      It looks like identity theft did not go away with the changes in comment policy.

      Notice that the first post is by Killer M-a-r-r-n-o-t, not M-a-r-m-o-t.

      Really, M-a-r-r-n-o-t, what is your problem? Does providing minor irritation for one commenter give you some kind of thrill? That is a little pathetic.

      • KCasey

        Not only did you not add anything to this thread regarding the actual post….you didnt even leave a more comedic line than your counter part. He deserves the name more than you. In fact you dont even have any proof that it wasnt you that made a variation to his name as opposed to the other way around.

        However in regards to the actual great news….CONGRATS Canucks Army soldiers. Thanks for marching through the trenches of hockey rumors and information to bring us the good stuff…even the reletively useless good stuff:-D

        • Killer Marmot

          1. If you click on our account names, you will see that my account was created October 17, and M-a-r-r-n-o-t’s was created October 24.

          2. Only someone trying to deceive would spell Marmot as M-a-r-r-n-o-t.

          You have just made M-a-r-r-n-o-t’s day for him. He must be laughing like hell. Congratulations, you rewarded a troll. If he started up another account using the name “KCasee” you might see this different.

    • defenceman factory

      imitating another’s user name is not okay. Wedgies for the analytics crowd priceless.

      Come up with your own name and bring more lines like that one.

  • Betty

    Will this be the conference where someone actually proves that Corsi is useful when applied at an individual level instead of just saying that because it works at a team level, it should work at the individual level?