Jets In A GIF: Power-Less Versus Boston

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And with that introduction taken care of… Away we go!

The Jets early on needed to set a bit of a physical tone with a Bruins team that never shies away from the rough play.

The Jets first (and sadly as we found out only) goal of the night came instantly after a penalty kill when Alex Burmistrov laid out a perfect breakout pass to Blake Wheeler.

But it didn’t take the Bruins long to reply. 19 seconds in fact as the Jets got a bit scrambled in their own zone.

The Jets continued to be physical with the Bruins and Ben Chiarot displayed a little bit of grit that should keep him in the lineup over Mark Stuart.

In the second period the Bruins continued to hand Jets power play chances that they couldn’t capitalize on and it looked like that inability to score bit them in the rear when Chara had seemingly put the B’s up by 1…

But as it turned out, the Jets challenged the play leading into the zone went offside, the video review confirmed it and as cheap a ploy as it is, the Jets would be fools not to take advantage of weak NHL review rules. The game remained tied at 1-1 and stayed that way thanks to a little bit of heads up play.

But as they say: “Puck Don’t Lie” and the good fortune the Jets had in the second period was all used up.

The Bruins closed out the second period with a 2-1 lead despite having given up 5 short handed chances in the first two periods and being out-shot. In the third period, the Jets found themselves in penalty trouble but we’re starting to find out that we have a bit of a secret weapon on the PK…

And the Jets did have a few more chances but the Bruins locked things down in the 3rd period.

A late 3rd period goal would wrap things up for the Bruins. They added an empty net goal shortly after and get out of Winnipeg with a 4-1 win.