Jets Nation Recap: Thank God This Game Doesn’t Count

Remember back in the day when the 1.0 version of the Winnipeg Jets were consistently destroyed by Wayne Gretzky and the rest of the Edmonton Oilers at old Northlands Coliseum? Well the franchise is new, the arena in Edmonton is new and The Great One retired 17 years ago. Yet the Jets were dominated by Connor McDavid and the Oilers in an embarrassing effort losing 5-2.

Make no mistake about it, McDavid is an outstanding talent who will thrill and excite fans in Northern Alberta for many years. But the Jets were simply awful tonight, especially in the defensive zone. At least it’s only preseason. 

Game Thoughts:

  • Connor Hellebuyck didn’t help his chances in winning the starting netminder’s job by surrendering 5 goals on 32 shots. Granted, he didn’t get much help from his D-corps but with this organization being loyal to a fault to Ondrej Pavelec, Hellebuyck probably didn’t supplant the incumbent with his performance tonight.
  • The Jets power play was clicking on all cylinders in the preseason until tonight. Not only did the Jets go 0/6 with the man advantage, but they allowed the Oilers to score two short-handed goals as well. A painful reminder of last season’s woes with the man advantage.
  • The penalty kill unit fared no better as the Oilers scored twice out of three opportunities they had with the power play. I have a feeling special teams will be in high focus between now and the season opener on October 13.
  • It was not a good night for Ben Chiarot as he was responsible for two of the Oiler goals. Chiarot handled the puck like a hand grenade which blew up in his face most of the night. But everything is fine without Jacob Trouba. Well…no.
  • A lone bright spot may have been the play of Brandon Tanev who scored the Jets first goal and looked to have the most jump on the team. Tanev may have found a role on the bottom six, thanks to tonight.
  • Mark Stuart reverted to old form as he looked slow, plodding and generally bad. The game has past him by.

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    • MyDogHasScheifeles

      Myers had an awful handful of shifts too. He struggled mightily to move the puck in his own end all night. Is it just me or does he seem lost when Enstrom is not on the ice with him?

      • FishWhiskey

        First things first. MyDogHasScheifeles is a brilliant name!

        I really like Myers but if it came to having to trade him or Trouba I would have to drop Myers. I hope he is still getting up to speed after the surgeries and he can play up to potential.

    • FishWhiskey

      The Jets had three goals that did not count and that may be a blessing as it might have otherwise obscured some serious problems the team needs to address.

      Any time the the Jets had Thorburn, Peluso or Stuart on the ice they were effectively playing at a man disadvantage and it showed. Total chaos seemed to follow those three. Poor Hellebuyck paid a steep price for last nights line up.

      If Jets management wanted a true reflection of what a regular season game will look like with Thorburn, Peluso and Stuart in the line up then they should have had Pavelec in net last night. The score would have mirrored the Jays 10-1 route of Texas.

    • s8cc

      Rough game for most Jets tonight. Lots of gaffes.

      Tanev has quietly had the best camp of any Jet.

      Lack of defensive depth is going to be a problem for us. I just hope another team has a key dman hurt (and gives value for Trouba) before the Jets do and need to make a rash decision.

    • s8cc

      I think Morrissey should be paired with Buff, Enstrom with Myers and Chariot with Melchiori with Postma filling in when needed. Keep them together for at least 10 games so they can develop some chemistry.

      • jetsfanmike

        Yikes, Postma filling in when needed? He’s been one of the best Jet defensemen in training camp and he was solid last year too.

        Chiarot and Melchiori both are challenged in regards to handling the puck and the breakout pass, and those are two areas where Postma shines.

        I personally think you can lump Stuart, Strait, Melchiori and Chiarot together as “not really good enough to play in the NHL”.

        Why Chevy didn’t put in a waiver wire claim for Jakub Kindl or Mark Barberio is beyond me.

        • s8cc

          Waiver wire pickups need to go straight to the roster. If you want them on the farm they need to clear waivers again, creating a never-ending cycle.

          Kindl and Barberio are both replacement level players, we have plenty of that.

          I think Stoner would be the better waiver pickup, but we’d have to eat that crappy salary. We have space, so I’d be okay with that.

          • jetsfanmike

            I have no problem whatsoever with waiving Strait, Stuart, Chiarot & Melchiori as none of them would get claimed (and it would be zero loss even if one of did get claimed by another team).

            It is painfully obvious based on past play and this preseason that none of those four players belong in the NHL.

            Therefore, claiming LHD players off waivers from teams with better LHD depth than the Jets (which is essentially just about every other team in the NHL) is a good move because there’s a very strong probability that he’ll be better than those other 4 and, if he isn’t, waive him and try again with the next LHD player that hits the waiver wire who your scouts think may be an OK NHL bottom pair guy.

            I’m not looking for a top 4 defenseman off the waiver wire, I’m just looking for a bottom pair guy that isn’t in way over his head at the NHL level.