Jets Nation Round Table: The Preseason Edition


Welcome to the Jets Nation Round Table. Preseason has arrived and the Jets have a lot of exciting things going for them. We touch on Trouba’s trade request, the Central Division and we even get a new trademark from Garret.

Take a read after the break and feel free to put your thoughts in!

What are the chances that Trouba stays and Myers is traded?

Kyle: Pretty much zero. To me trading Myers after Trouba requests a trade shows huge weakness on behalf of Chevy and the organization. That is saying to all the other young players that if you hold out you will get what you want. The Jets need to show their strength in the matter (even if trading Myers is actually the best option). I don’t see it happening and there seems to be more to this Trouba situation than what appears…

Garret: There is always a chance. I recall Drouin asking for a trade and everyone thought he was 100% gone. That said, possibility is not probability and I think Trouba is going to be gone eventually, even if it takes some time.

Jacob: I honestly can’t imagine a scenario where we see the Jets being bullied in to making a move like that. Myers is a much more stable option. He’s proven to be a solid shut down defender that can play solid minutes. Trouba’s play has declined and I don’t even think this is a money issue when it’s all said and done, I think he just wants out.

Art: When the press release from Overhardt first came out I thought “well maybe..” but nah, it sounds like they want to get Trouba out of there no matter what they do. I’m convinced this is more than just a “want to play on the right side” issue.

Mack: I think that would be the best outcome for the Jets talent-wise (message issues aside,) but it’s not gonna happen, is it? Maurice loves Myers, he’s on a team-friendly contract… he isn’t going anywhere.

Have any prospects stood out to you at training camp or preseason?

Kyle: The obvious choices are Jack Roslovic and Kyle Connor. Both looked quite good in the young stars tournament and really showed that they can lead a team. I am not sure if either can crack the roster in the next couple weeks but they both have a bright future and maybe we see them on the same line a few years down the road.

Garret: Connor, Roslovic, Morrissey, and Petan. Well… and Laine. Nothing unexpected really. DeLeo has been pretty solid against competition and Tanev looks like a solid penalty killer.

Art: Connor looked great in that game on Thursday, huh? I really like Tanev and De Leo as well. I doubt they make the team but I’d sure like to see those two make it over Thorburn and Peluso.

Jacob: I’d like to see Brandon Tanev win a spot. Tanev has great speed and penalty killing instincts that could be really useful in a fourth line role. Having him and Howden in the lineup more often than Thorburn and Peluso would be a plus. All the names above I agree with, especially Petan. Petan deserves more credit and while there may not appear to be a spot for him, I think he certainly could still win a top 9 spot.

Have the Jets done enough to make the playoffs?

Kyle: The off season was an interesting one for Winnipeg. I really like bringing in Matthias and I think he could be a good fit here. But other than adding Laine the team hasn’t improved much at all. Best chance we have of making the playoffs is severing the infatuation with Pavelec, which unfortunately seems tough considering how many chances we give him. Hellebuyck gives us the best chance of playoffs but honestly I see Winnipeg one or two spots out.

Garret: Who is in net and what do we get for Trouba (or will he be back)? Answer these two questions and I’ll have more confidence in my answer to this one.

Art: As of now? No. But obviously the Trouba thing has to be dealt with now and something will come of that (and quite frankly has to because letting him “sit out the year” is not an option) and I’m still not convinced they don’t do something with the goalies before Christmas be it moving Pavelec or Hutchinson. Chevy’s work isn’t “done” yet.

Mack: Close but no. Not in the Central, or not unless Laine/Connor/Morrissey put up rookie of the year caliber performances and Pavelec spends more time on the bench than in the crease. Otherwise, next year.

Jacob: If Hellebuyck is in net on a consistent basis and the Jets cut the cord from Peluso, Thorburn and fix the left side, yes. But that’s a lot of “ifs”. Forwards look really good as of now.

Is Dallas in a lot of trouble with these injuries? Janmark being the latest.

Kyle: I am of the opinion that Dallas is always in trouble. The only way they win is with really high scoring games. Their goaltending is shaky and the defence is nothing special either. Assuming they can get Seguin back shortly they will be fine, but I do not see them as the favourite to win the division again this year.

Garret: If any team has skill at forward to take injury hits, it’s those Stars… but losing some of the best players in the NHL (Seguin and Benn) is a big deal, IF they lose them for any time.

Art: I don’t think the injuries they have now will be a huge issue. Benn and Seguin should be ready for opening night. But if either of them or Spezza are hurt for any length during the season, it could go sideways on them quick.

Jacob: Before Janmark these guys were doomed. Won’t be an upgrade from them until the goaltending is changed and it’s going to be hard to do that with both of their goalies’ contracts.

Are there any early favourites to win the Central Division?

Kyle: Tough question and even tougher division. I think we have seen the best of the Blackhawks a few years ago. They are only going to regress further down the ladder. I think St. Louis is the favourite right now. They have solid depth, great defenders and reliable goaltending (even without Elliot). Nashville is another team to look out for especially with the addition of Subban a couple months back. I think St. Louis wins the division, Nashville is second and everyone else is fighting for the last spot.

Garret: Division of DeathTM

Art: I don’t think there is one clear favorite right now. Every team in the central looks good, but every team also has a major issue of some sort. I still like the Hawks overall, but St. Louis is a little more balanced. Nashville and Dallas are good. Minnesota should be not too far behind them and then Winnipeg and Colorado if all goes right for them could be in the mix as well. I just can’t see one team out of the bunch being head and shoulders above the others.

Mack: 1. St. Louis 2. Nashville 3. Dallas 4. Chicago 5. Winnipeg 6. Minnesota 7. Colorado. Why even play out the season? That’s how it’s gonna go.

Jacob: Nashville wins it.