Jacob Trouba Refuses to Come to Training Camp Unsigned, Requests Trade

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba has requested a trade from the organization and will not be attending training camp, as per multiple reports.

Trouba’s agent, Kurt Overhardt, released a statement regarding the situation at hand. 

Source: TSN Hockey Twitter

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It was rumored that the 22-year-old defenseman was in ongoing negotiations with the Jets, but the two were on different pages when it came to overall term, salary and role. However, in another interview with Sportsnet, Trouba pointed out that the reason for the trade comes because he would like the opportunity to develop and reach his full potential by playing on the right side.

“…It’s about playing in the top four,” Trouba said. “That’s what I want to be.”

Trouba was third on the Jets for average time on ice, skating about 22:03 per game, trailing only fellow RHD Dustin Byfuglien and Tyler Myers. He often spent time on the left side, playing on the top pairing with Byfuglien. The 6-foot-3, 202-pound defenseman also finished with 21 points (six goals, 15 assists) and was a plus-10 through 81 games this past season.

Given the Jets’ depth when it comes to the right side of their defensive corps, it is easy to see why Trouba could get lost in the mix and unable to play in the position he wants.

The loss of Trouba will take a big toll on the Jets’ corps; thankfully, they still have their right-side depth, but the team will lose an-and-coming defenseman who could become one of the NHL’s top blueliners in the coming years. He does hold great trade value, but given the request, he may not warrant as big a return as he would get before the season.

While it is difficult to see Trouba go, I believe that a change of scenery will bring him a better career. He is a top-four defender and good right-handed blueliners are hard to come by. The former first-round pick has great offensive potential and possesses ideal size for the NHL, and his entire career is ahead of him. Winnipeg’s defensive corps (while the right side remains intact) will take a huge step back; it’s not easy to come by Troubas, and replacing him will be quite the ordeal.

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      • Brock Landers

        It’s not about trading him. It’s about breaking him. If he wants to play in the NHL again before he turns 26, he plays for the Jets. The Jets are still 3 seasons away from being contenders anyway. I’m sure they can use that $6-7 million Trouba wants pretty wisely over that period to find a solution.

    • jetsfanmike

      Olli Juolevi and a pick would be my choice.

      If Edmonton and Vancouver are both among the teams that are hot for Trouba, it would be interesting if the pick could end up as high as a 2nd rounder or maybe even a 1st round pick if the Jets included one of their young forwards not named Scheifele, Ehlers, Laine, Roslovic or Connor (assuming competing offers drives up the price paid).

      Jim Benning seems to like big, physical, old style hockey players and Trouba is that kind of defenseman.

    • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

      Oiler fan here and I’d like to have Trouba but I’m not sure I want to part with Nurse. One nasty guy to play against. Needs a few games in the AHL but he should be a very good,and hard to play against dman.

      • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

        Yeah I’m not sure if I want to trade trouba for nurse as well. Like u said, nurse needs time in the ahl, trouba doesn’t. A legit, big young right hand D for unproven LD that can fight? LOL. Can I trade u brian little for RNH?

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Oiler fans are delusional. You want quality you give up quality.. let me remind u once again that Taylor hall was traded for Adam Larson. Adam Larson?!? LOL.

    Trouba is a better player than Larson.

    RNH for trouba is a fair trade just as an example, considering the former makes 6M per. None of this yak+Davidson or Davidson+reinhardt or nurse straight up crap… pfffttt pleeaase

    • Elgando

      1. Trouba is not better than Larson.
      2. RNH is overpaid.
      3. Trouba can’t skate, fight, or battle like DN.
      4. You can’t teach grit, team play or effort, all of which DN has in spades. His hockey sense will come…
      5. Trouba’s numbers are very average the past two seasons.

      He’s a good addition but let’s not overvalue what he’d bring to the oilers.

      • Brock Landers

        1) Trouba Gp 211. 72 pts
        Larson Gp 274. 69 pts
        -trouba is 2 years younger and has more career points despite of limited roles in Winnipeg. How is Larson better than him? Sure, Larson can skate better, but trouba is more physical and has a better shot.

        2) agreed

        3) agreed, but that doesn’t mean he’s a better D than trouba. And we’re talking about hockey here, not UFC if that’s what u meant by “battle”. We have Big Buff here that can manhandle A Darnell nurse any day of the week.

        4) if DN has all that in spades, I’m just wondering why he can’t even crack the top4 of the weakest D-core in NHL ? oiler fans even suggested he goes back to Ahl. Until he gets all of the spades together, he’s a “maybe”. We want to win now and we don’t have room for maybes.

        5) ok

        Thanks for dropping by.

  • Stewsquared

    Reading the comments over at Oilers Nation is funny. No one is willing to give up any of their forwards in exchange for a dman. They “want” to be better and win but will only give up scraps. A deal of Griffin Reinhart and Yak is not going to cut it in a deal with Chevy.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    What if Chevy signs Christian Ehrhoff or Dennis Seidenberg and Morrissey makes the team and the Jets win a bunch of games then Chevy tells Overhead that Trouba should consider the KHL for a couple years then get back to him like Burmistrov did. Bet he’d sign in a heartbeat.

    • Eddie O rules!

      I think signing Erhoff would be a great move right now. Tells Trouba you’re in no rush and tells all the other teams in the league you’re in no rush. Plus the obvious that if they don’t move him fast they need to shore up the D. Course if they think JoMo is ready then they can go that way, but signing Erhoff would send a message. Just a random thought, why did we sign Streit instead of Erhoff?