State of Jets Nation


It’s been a full season and a half since Thomas Drance hired me as his first move as the Nation Network’s Overlord and I joined as Jets Nation manager. Since then, we’ve grown into the leading independent site for Winnipeg Jets news and analysis, with our daily traffic surpassing what was once the norm for weekly numbers.

With a new season just over the horizon, I want to talk about a change coming with the new season, both personal and with the site.


First off, I wish to announce that I’m taking a step back in my duties with Jets Nation. I’ve enjoyed being the Managing Editor. I have enjoyed opportunities and access that with things like the Young Stars Tournament and the NHL Entry Draft. It’s been a blast seeing the growth in the site and community, while our own contributors have grown in numbers, breadth, and diversity.

That said, I am only one man. I only have so much time available and Jets Nation is a project that deserves attention and focus.

Jets Nation is not the only thing that has grown over my duration here. I have seen Hockey Graphs, a website I initially started just so I can rant on topics too general or technical for Jets Nation, expand into the leading statistical research and analysis site. Also, with the help of a few others, I have my own hockey statistical tracking and consulting company that is entering its second season and its clients are starting to create a bit of a conflict of interest into what I can share on here with reporting.

That said, I will still be kicking around here. I will still be posting on the regular some statistical analysis pieces. Most of the changes will occur behind the scenes and not obvious to the casual observer, but I will be unable to continue in the same capacity as before.

I will be passing the torch to another.

With that, I would like to announce that I’m passing the torch over to Jacob Stoller for the 2016-17 season. Stoller has been writing on the Jets for quite some while, between Arctic Ice Hockey and Jets Nations. He is a local kid with a hunger for writing and producing high quality content. He has some big plans for Jets Nations and I’m excited for this community’s direction.


Go Jets Go!

  • FlamesFanOtherCity

    Congratulations Msr. Hohl good to hear you’ll still contribute as well.

    Any chance we can have Jeremy Wiebe back he is a solid writer with a unique style sorely missing in the conformity at all cost sports journo. world?

  • Eddie O rules!

    Well nice for you I guess. To be honest I think it sucks for Jets fans. You’re really the only high quality stats guy I know that has the Jets as a focus. In fact I think you are the only stats guy period that I know of with a focus on the Jets. Please remember us and throw us some tidbits as often as you can!

  • FlamesFanOtherCity

    Glad to hear you’ll still be around. This site has made massive gains in the past year or so. Totally knocks AIH out of the water. Really too bad the Jets Sb Nation site is so sub par. Looking forward to continuing reading all the great writers here.

  • ktecACadaptor

    Congrats on more work and opportunities and Hope you will still contribute. When the Jets aren’t dong so well at times it was always nice to know that the stats suggest ways we could be doing better. Hope you still offer objective but interesting material periodically throughout the season.