Five Jets to have on your fantasy team this year

For most people this time of year is back to school season. But for people of fantasy hockey, it’s the start of a new season. So when your up to pick on your draft day, here is a list of five players from your Winnipeg Jets that you should consider picking. 

5. Bryan Little 

Lots of people are going to think I’m crazy with this pick. But Little is at this spot only because Patrick Laine is a rookie and no one really knows what he can do this year. Bryan Little is still a solid late round pick because he’s a consistent 20 goal scorer. The only reason he didn’t hit the mark last year was because of 25 games taken away because of injuries. He’s a safe pick to hit 20 goals and 50 points this season.

4. Nikolaj Ehlers

Ok so Nik Ehlers only got 38 points last season. But he was also a rookie at the young age of 19. So believe he’s in for a nice increase this season. It also helps that he might be playing with Scheifele and Wheeler on the top line. There is no reason Ehlers couldn’t reach the 50 point plateau this year. He’s got the tools and the weapons around him to make it happen. 

3. Dustin Byfuglien

Dustin Byfuglien is a beast in fantasy hockey. Whether your playing with the basic stats or counting stuff like blocked shots, hits, and penatly minutes. Plus it helps that he plays both right wing and defense. Biig Buff collects points in pretty much all statistics so even if he’s not getting goals and assists he will get you some points in the smaller categories. He’s in his prime so make sure you take advantage this season. He’ll probably hit another 50 point season this year. 

2. Blake Wheeler

Blake Wheeler is one of the best right wingers in the league today. He’s great in fantasy hockey because he’s not only getting you points on offense he’s getting you points from his great defensive plays. He’s a strong enough to last a full season and then still go in the playoffs. He’s only missed five games in the last five seasons. He’s a safe bet to hit a 20 goal season and to get his point totals in the 60’s maybe even the 70’s again this year. Wheeler is easily on the top 10 right wingers list this year. 

1. Mark Scheifele

Now Mark Scheifele is the man. Right now coming into this season Scheifele is the best player on the Winnipeg Jets. He will continue his rise this season and have another career year. Scheifele scored 38 points in the second half of the season last year and will continue this year with at least another 70 point year. It wouldn’t be crazy talk to say he could hit 35 goals this year.

Well hopefully this list helps you decide on draft day which one of your Jets to pick. If you feel a player was over looked, leave your list in the comments below. For all your fantasy needs be sure to check out this season, for projections, news, injuries, goalie starts, lineup changes and more.