Winnipeg Jets sign Mathieu Perreault to a four year extension


Photo Credit: Kim Klement

The Winnipeg Jets have signed the versatile forward Mathieu Perreault to a four year extension with an average salary of $4.125 million. Perreault had one more year left at $3 million, meaning the Jets have Perreault signed until the 2020-21 season.


Perreault skated for the Jets 133 times. In those games he has 27 goals and 55 assists, for 82 points.

The biggest impact Perreault has is in his ability to tilt the ice. He carries the Jets best relative Corsi (+6.47), relative Fenwick (+6.59), relative shot (+6.27), and expected goal percentage (+6.53). In other words, when the Jets have Perreault on the ice, the team is expected to control 6 percentage points more shots and goals than with him on the bench. This is a larger impact than anyone else on the team.

The 5’10, feisty forward has struggled to stay injury-free over the seasons, but in the games he is healthy for he has had a major impact.

Perreault should provide a ton of value throughout the rest of his time as a Jet.