Winnipeg Jets sign Brian Strait: 1 year, 1 way

The Winnipeg Jets have signed Brian Strait to a one-year, one-way contract. Strait’s NHL salary will be $600,000.

Strait has 182 NHL games played under his bealt, with 27 points over his time.

The 6’1 skater is a left-shooting defender, who will likely play the depth-pressbox role taken by Adam Pardy the year prior. That said, I’m sure most Jets fans are hoping that Strait takes the AHL job Jay Harrison had instead.


Note: The lack of dots is because they are off the scale, in a bad sense.

Come back later for a more in-depth look at Strait.

  • FishWhiskey

    Chevy has me feeling nostalgic for the “old days” in Winnipeg.

    When the shack started to look like it needed a little sprucing up I would cash in my empties and go on a mad shopping spree at Value Village followed by a cruise of the back lanes of Tuxedo on garbage day.

    I’d get home, crack an OV and feel like a king surrounded by my dumpster treasures!