Slicing and Dicing the Jets: Andrew Ladd 2015-2016

The Winnipeg Jets missed the playoffs for the fourth time in five seasons since the move to Manitoba, and the 14th time over 16 seasons over franchise history. The season does not end for us though at Jets Nation.

Welcome to our series where we take an analytical approach, dissecting what went wrong with the Jets 2015-2016 season and how to improve the team for next year.

We turn our evidence-based breakdown of the Jets with Andrew Ladd’s 2015-2016 season.



Numbers include all situations including non-5v5 TOI.

After averaging a point per 82 game pace of 60 points from 2010-2015, Ladd disappointingly had his lowest point pace for the Thrashers-Jets franchise with a 47 point pace. The only captain the Winnipeg version of the team has ever known was then traded prior to the deadline, garnering the club a 1st round draft pick and 21-year-old Marko Dano.




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Ladd spent over half of his time playing as part of the now-defunct Ladd’s Little Wheeler. The line did not perform as characteristic of the past in terms of out shooting and out scoring.

Ladd tended to play with the Jets’ best on the top-line while playing against the opposition’s best. He did spend some time in the middle-six though with Adam Lowry and one of Alex Burmistrov or Joel Armia.

Ladd was also leaned on heavily in all situations, in both power play and penalty kill.




Ladd saw his 5v5 production fall substantially, with it arriving from a combination of shot volume as well as shooting percentages. One would expect some bounce back in the percentages, but there were some signs of aging and injuries in the shot volume numbers.

Normally being a pretty efficient shot differential driver, Ladd found himself being below the line in both relative Corsi and Goal differentials, meaning the Jets performed better with Ladd on the bench than on the ice.

While Ladd struggled at evens, he did perform fairly well in special teams… although being better than the Jets average is not as difficult as some other teams.


Ladd had a tough year as a Jet.

Normally a very versatile all-around player, the 30-year-old found himself more of a special-teams specialist. It remains to be seen how much of Ladd’s decent was aging versus poor luck versus a tough pre-season injury, but Ladd will still be missed in Winnipeg both for what he did and for who he is.

All numbers are courtesy of Corsica and are 5v5 score, venue, and zone adjusted unless otherwise noted.


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  2. What happened to the Jets at evens?
  3. Where did the special teams go wrong?
  4. Adam Lowry
  5. Adam Pardy
  6. Alex Burmistrov
  7. Andrew Copp
  • #12MorrisLukowich

    You’re some Fanboy Garret…

    Ladd hated being here…he stayed for a truck load of money…Never earned it…then as he noticeably slowed with age, demanded shares in the Mint…good riddance…and good luck making the same contract you had when you left…


    No chance !

    • I’m not a fanboy. In fact, my personal opinion on the players has no impact in what I write, unlike yours. I just point out the facts. I think your poor, off the mark, assumptions of who I’m a fan of shows just how good I am at doing that too.

      That said, you seem to be quick to make these leaps of assumptions, like saying Burmistrov abandoned us, when he was a FA who weighed his options and took the job that paid more money in his hometown. Then saying Ladd hated here.

      You can say you *think* Ladd hated here, but that’s just a guess.

      The only think we know is that the gap in contract talks was reported to be less than a mill per year between the Jets and Ladd.

      You really need to take things less personally. The new NHL is a business. GMs, players, agents, and owners are all well aware of this and act accordingly.

      • #12MorrisLukowich

        The statistical guru a bit sensitive is he ?

        YOU’RE the guy that said, “but Ladd will still be missed in Winnipeg both for what he did and for who he is.”

        Who’d say that..?…if not a Fanboy ?…you’re not from around here…are you?

        I say…you’re out of your mind…he won’t be missed 1 iota…”what he did”: he just drew the worst, laziest penalties probably in the history of the organization…

        a captain by default, certainly not by leadership

        Like you, he didn’t live here and it’s insulting to suggest he’ll be missed “for who he is”…what ?…did you lunch with the guy ? It’s not a leap to say he didn’t like it here…Why do I say that? because if he has to play HERE in this Berg than he wants undeserved, generational money…greedy to a fault…place that in front of “who he is”

        I followed this club forever OK?…I’m a FAN ! Dam Straight I have an emotional attachment….have been since I watched # 9 sign a contract on Portage & Main…watched the WHA live in person…watched how WE (Wpg. Jets) changed the face of hockey forever…watched the Summit Series at St.John’s High School in grade 7…where were you ?…still a tinkle…er…twinkle…I’m sure you knew what “Texas Instruments” were WAY before you knew what the game on the ice with that frozen disk was…ever even collect a hockey card ? and NO…it doesn’t come in a 4GB stick…The “New” NHL is not solely based on metrics…good Lord…Daryl Sutter, John Quenville and even Jimmy Rutherford knows that…Old School still wins championships…and always WILL !

        When a player bails to play elsewhere (and it don’t matter if it’s the KHL or Yugoslavian Broom Ball)…he’s not a good soldier…what good is he to the organization that drafted him when he’s totally unavailable…?
        Burmistrov’s “choice” was a suspendable act…certainly NOT business as usual…

          • #12MorrisLukowich

            Yeah sure Garret…drive goal & shot differentials like that 9-8 Pha. game

            Unlike most of your articles…these things will NOT be missed

            Yes I have an emotional stake in the game since I’ve lived it’s history

            YOU ?…it must be hard to have an emotional stake to a Laptop

          • Eddie O rules!

            Come on Buddy, do you not see that all of your comments end up getting trashed? Do you not think that maybe there is a broad spectrum of views on all things hockey related, and that you are to the extreme end of one of those spectrums? Could you try to act your age and not be a dick about everything you don’t agree with?

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    I too wonder how much the recovery from the sports hernia affected him, also the contract thing … he eventually admitted it had his attention to an extent. Still all things considered good numbers for the guy at a decent cap number last season. I’m hopeful he will let the Jets match a low offer if it comes to it… They’ll need some maturity and a reliable LW. Either way an interesting UFA to keep tabs on…