Who won the Andrew Ladd trade?

On February 25th 2016, the Winnipeg Jets 2.0 traded the only captain they have ever known. The Jets traded Andrew Ladd, Jay Harrison and Matt Fraser to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for Marko Dano, a first round draft pick in 2016 and a conditional 2018 draft pick. The deal did not catch fans by surprise, seeing as the Jets and Ladd were at a stalemate for quite some time with contract negotiations and it didn’t make sense for the Jets to retain Ladd for another six+ years. 

Now with Ladd’s season over with the Blackhawks, we can fully digest and break down the deal that sent the captain packing.

Who won this deal?

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It’s a pretty straight forward answer; Winnipeg won the deal. The Jets knew they weren’t going to retain Ladd and they had to find the best deal possible. They also had to work with the market they were given, teams weren’t going to give up the entire farm for a player like Andrew Ladd, especially if he was only going to serve as a rental for them. Cheveldayoff garnered back quite the return considering the asset he was dangling.

The Jets got a highly coveted prospect within the Hawks organization in Marko Dano. Dano showed flashes of skill and the potential he has while finishing out the year with Winnipeg, recording 8 points in 21 games ( 3 points came in his final 4 games). He adds another promising youngster to the deep pool of prospects the Jets already have.

The acquisition of the Hawks first round pick was also an impressive catch, as well. With the Jets likely to land a superstar in Patrik Laine and with their need in other areas, the pick they acquired from Chicago could serve as trade bait. If the Jets elect to keep the pick, they’ll have a second consecutive season of picking twice in the first round. 

The Jets also win by not retaining Ladd at an exceptional price.

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With Kyle Connor and (potentially) Patrik Laine coming in to the fold and looking to make big impacts in the next 1-2 years, the Jets are well off on the left side. Retaining Ladd on a 6+ year at 6 or more million dollar contract would’ve been a regret not even half way through the contract. Trading him and getting a package like this one was the best case scenario.

Many criticized Cheveldayoff for waiting to trade Ladd until the deadline (including myself). Many were worried that with Ladd’s production declining, the market for Ladd would sour. Cheveldayoff held out and did his due diligence with the negotiation process with Ladd, in lieu of such the Jets were able to pry a team like Chicago who was hungry for there third cup in the Toews and Kane era, to overpay for Ladd just before the trade deadline.  

Ladd was impressive for the Hawks in the 19 regular seasons he played, notching 12 points in 19 games. But as the playoffs rolled around, his impact minimized and he finished the first round series against the Blues with 2 points, in 7 games.

Ladd’s contributions weren’t substantial and with him likely walking in Free agency, Chicago will have to head back to the drawing board and find replacements for there departing players. One would have to think that Marko Dano would have been thrusted in to a larger role for Chicago if he wasn’t traded. Giving up the first round draft pick hurts the Hawks as that is a missed opportunity to add a talented prospect to their relatively thin prospect pool.

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This Blackhawks core won’t be dominant for much longer, young talent and development is still essential to a team of the Hawks current success. You’ve got to always plan for the future. 

In hindsight, mortgaging the future for Ladd wasn’t the smartest call by Stan Bowman. Bowman and the Hawks had hoped Ladd could add a big boost to the club with his playoff experience and familiarity with the organization. 

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But it didn’t work out.

The Jets walk away from the deal being right on track with there blueprint of building towards the future. They turned the page on one of the faces of the franchise, to go in a younger direction. They saved themselves from an offer they’d regret in the future and acquired two prime assets. 

Winner: Jets. 

It’s not even close.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    A first round pick at 22nd overall and a reasonably good prospect for a questionable top 6 LW who didn’t want to be here.

    At 1st blush I was extremely PO’d Chevy waited so long to trade a player who was obviously counting the days for his departure.
    You don’t turn down $36 mil (his agent must’ve bit off a finger) unless you totally hate where you are. The guy kissed off at least $20 mil and maybe more since he WAYYYY over valued himself. And I believe you’ll find most players raised in TO or Van (ala Kane) would HATE to live & Play in the Peg.

    We’re just a national stigma.

    The smug look on Ladd’s face when he landed in Chicago says it all….and the “hometown discount” he offered the Hawks must’ve been met with a hearty belch.

    He’ll now p!mp out his services and live from city to city for the rest of his career never coming close to the $36mil he kissed off. He’s going to be shocked to find out how rich his inflated ego is worth compared to the actual value of his middling talents. But HEY!…good for him !

    So once again Chevy lucked out.

    He dumped a player who played his best about 50% of the time…dumped a potential anchor of a salary…(and I still can’t believe they actually offered Ladd that…ANDREW LADD ????)…and not only made off like bandits, and look like geniuses, but can immediately plug that hole with Kyle Connor…

    Like the Kane/Bogo trade…this just fell out of the sky and onto his lap.

    Shrewd…?…NO…incredibly, biblically LUCKY ? (like that #2 pick this year!)…Heck yeah !

  • SickFloBro

    “…in lieu of such the Jets were able to pry a team like Chicago who was hungry for there third cup in the Toews and Kane era, to overpay for Ladd just before the trade deadline.”

    Hawks won the Stanley Cup in ’10, ’13, and ’15. Towes and Kane played for Chicago in 2010. So they’d really be hungry for their fourth.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    I’d say the jury is still out. A trade like this, you try to resign the UFA. Dano looks average but the pick is nice. If Laine leads the Jets to deep runs you have some cap room to pick up players like Ladd every year.
    Many TV personalities were saying the Leafs needed to draft Stamkos to win the cup; whereas it is Hedman, Johnson and Kucherov leading them. I suppose Paranin is the UFA signing of the year. One more playoff goal, I’d say Chicago won the trade, but wait to see if they re-sign him. The steal would’ve been to pluck Saad last year from Chicago.
    I’d love for Laine or Matthews to have Yandle feeding passes.
    MLB can be made exciting with rule changes: no leading off 1st. And 2nd base isn’t a forced out. You can’t even get the runner out without throwing to 1st base first. This forces lots of rundowns.
    I’m thinking the CFL could start every 2nd half with a kickoff from deep in one’s own endzone with a penalty giving up a safety or worse. Then the real kickoff.
    I’m thinking Line penalties shouldn’t stop the play before the minute warnings if they aren’t QB injuring threatening; they should result in a player missing the game after the fact. Then you have exciting NE advancing; Denver was dropping passes I could’ve caught in HS. Not exactly greatness to watch NFLers do a pirouette or jig or whatever to catch a sideline ball. Every field goal after the 4th quarter warning should be worth 1-5 points if it ties the game. The NFL should add more time, lessen the clock to 30 seconds, and add a bigger roster. Molding marathon runners would create more open space on their Tokyo field.

  • SickFloBro

    I’d give Chevy some credit Morris, He was able to pry a division rival’s first round pick and one of their best prospects away. Regardless of what Dano accomplishes the fact that three years from now he won’t be doing it for the Blackhawks. The Hawks won’t have an elite rookie jumping into the lineup (the 22nd pick) means the Jets helped the Blackhawks paint themselves into a corner where they might have to rely on free agency in a salary cap world.

    • #12MorrisLukowich

      Chevy must have iron workers DNA in his blood because he is FULL of horseshoes !

      As I said before, had Chevy made the trade when it was obvious Ladd wasn’t going to sign…(like in OCTOBER !!)…Jets could have bargained with teams like…ohh I don’t know…COLUMBUS !…imagine if they got their 1st pick!? Laine AND Pujlijarvi !!??

      However, when it became obvious he HAD to trade Ladd, Chicago thought they could get the upper hand…

      I don’t know about “paint into a corner” since Chevy wanted Teravainen…I wouldn’t classify Dano was 1 of their BEST prospects…he was part of the Saad trade…

      I hardly think the 22nd pick will yield an “elite rookie”…the Jets tend to think of themselves as ADEPT at picking prospects…but the Hawks are better at it…they have an outstanding scouting dept…. they always pick low in the draft and still get players like Panarin, Saad…et al…their entire MO are picking up free agents and they’re usually (Ladd…HA!) very astute at it…

  • FishWhiskey

    I really liked Andrew Ladd but regardless of what they got in return I think they won. The team seemed to pick up without his grim presence. It was time for him to go and let some new leadership grow.

    I just hope like hell Chevy doesn’t do a Chevy and re sign him if he comes crying back after not getting the big offers he seems to think are waiting for him.

    • #12MorrisLukowich

      The most consistent thing about Chevy is he waits & waits until the last possible moment to do anything and when all else fails (like it usually does) he gets a genie in a bottle.

      “deal’s off the table” is what he is quoted as saying shortly after the trade

      and as Maurice described the Ladd situation…”you do everything you can to keep him here, and if it doesn’t work out…you move on and forget what he looks like…”

      • FishWhiskey

        Well, let us not forget Alexander Burmistrov. A “way off the board” first round pick by the Thrashers who proceeded to throw a hissy fit and run off to the KHL because he did not like his coach. A player who was later wooed by PoMo to to come back to the team with the blessing of Chevy.

        Alex Burmistrov has less hockey talent than a monkey on a pogo stick. Yet he was coddled by Chevy and PoMo and brought back into the fold over a REAL hockey players like Lee Stempniak. Who, by the way was half the price.

        The same Kevin Cheveldayoff who signed a patently sub NHL Mark Stewart to an 11 million dollar contract and who was bullied into signing a mediocre AHL goalie in Ondrej Pavelec to a 19.5 million dollar contract by the thuggish Allan Walsh.

        I hope Chevy has learned some lessons from these past fiascos and has become the steely eyed river boat gambler his brave words make him out to be but to date I have seen little more than a puppet to the privileged son of a car salesman.

        Lets be clear. We do not have Sam Pollok steering the ship. Lets just hope that evolution can apply to Chevy and company and Ladd does not come back like a fart in a blanket.

        • #12MorrisLukowich

          True to a fault Fish…

          Chevy & Co. have signed a LOT of atrocious contracts but were lucky enough to dump some of them..aka Bogo and Ladd…
          and they are WOEFUL at picking up UFAs…

          : Miettenen, Ponikorovsky, Setoguchi (a 2nd round pick for that specimen…)

          and some extremely bad draft picks…I won’t go into the many that NEVER played for their AHL club but Josh Morrissey (who wasn’t even ranked in the top 30 by most scouting services) at 13 over picks like:

          6’5″ Nikita Zadorov or 11th rated Shea Theodore, 12th rated Ryan Pulock

          and Jack Roslovic over Nick Merkley (who just happened to check the laudable Connor McDavid into the ice and knock the Otters out of the Memorial Cup that year…did I mention his check was MCDAVID!!!)

          …it’s just astounding…at 1 time I actually thought their scouts WATCHED these guys…so it begs the question…what are they looking for ?…loyalty..?…cause BPA is obviously not the determining factor…

          Right now the entire organization is run on pure dumb luck…