Jets Win The (Second) Draft Lottery: Twitter Reacts To Laine

Sure, there was a lot of talk about the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the first NHL draft lottery Saturday night, and almost just as much talk that the Oilers didn’t win a top three pick. So it can seem like the Winnipeg Jets winning the second lotto and thus the second pick of the draft was a tad overlooked.

But while Twitter didn’t break with the Jets making the huge jump, the idea of Finnish dynamo Patrik Laine heading to The Peg did get quite a few people talking on social media..

Just a quick reminder that his name is pronounced “line-eh” and not “layne” .. Easy mistake to make.

Of course some fans enjoyed his pre-lotto “face time” interview that he did with Sportsnet..

Just in case you think it’s a for sure thing that the draft goes Matthews then Laine, some people would beg to differ..

In the end though, there is reason for Jets fans to be excited…

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    Hard not to get excited about getting (or having the potential to get) the new #1 power forward in the world…unexaggerated… I think I could let Mathew Tkachuk go in this case…



    Will Maurice be able to stand it..?

    • #12MorrisLukowich

      It would be hard to see PoMo putting 2 rookies on one line, I would think Connor would jump down to the 3rd line. Regardless it is a great problem to have.

      No chance they draft Tkachuk, and honestly was slim even at 6.

      Connor + Laine should give our PP a boost, both have deadly shots.