Keith McCambridge will not coach the Manitoba Moose next season

The Winnipeg Jets have decided not to renew contracts with Manitoba Moose’s head coach, Keith McCambridge. McCambridge has been an employee for True North Sports Entertainment for quite some while, as head coach of the Jets’ 2.0 farm team since the purchase of the Atlanta Thrashers and two seasons as the assistant coach to the Manitoba Moose prior to that.

In many ways this comes as a surprise. Loyalty has been one of the central pillars to TNSE, even if sometimes to a fault. McCambridge has been part of the organization for seven years and it was not surprising that the farm team stumbled with so much inexperienced youth being injected all at once.

The team has had success previously under the guidance of McCambridge, although the team was so stacked that their could be arguments for being due to other variables.

However, there were signs of the team struggling beyond what could be excused with youth. In January we pointed out how the little success the Moose had was actually due to their youth not despite, and also their veterans were consistently underperforming across the board.

It will be interesting to see where TNSE moves from here.

A coaching position has now opened up. Will the Jets promote Mark Morrison, the team’s assistant coach? Will they approach a junior coach with ties to the organization, like Dale Hawerchuk?

We’ll see.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    Ducky would be dope but I think he just signed an extension. I don’t think he views himself as ready to coach pro either. Would be so awesome if he joined the organization though

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    I don’t have to say, “I told ya so”…

    Motivation is a big part of the job and even disregarding that, I just couldn’t see how the new comers could react positively to someone who hasn’t won anything while their Jr. coaches (whom they just left) have won championships.
    If you want your new kids to respond, you have to get them to the next level and to get them to the next level , you MUST have PLENTY of NHL experience.

    Keith had none…