Jets Nation Recap: gLadd To Have Known You! Jets Lose 4-0

The video tribute the Winnipeg Jets had for the returning Andrew Ladd was maybe the most emotion shown by the home side the entire night as the Jets put forth a listless effort much to the glee of the Chicago Blackhawks who unlike the Jets have a lot to play for this time of the season.


  • It really was a great little video the Jets put together for the former captain (which you can see below in the hot taeks section) and of course the fans gave him a warm welcome.
  • Andrew Ladd scored because of course he does! Got a nice round of cheers from the home faithful when his goal was announced as well. Not that the Jets were showing any push back to start that third period, but when Ladd scored at *:00 of the third, that was the dagger.
  • It does make me wonder, what would a tribute video to Ondrej Pavelec look like? How would it and the sight of Pavs in an opposing jersey be greeted by fans? Polite applause? Indifference? Can we find out next season?
  • Yes two of the four goals against Pavs started with bad Jets turnovers – we’ll get to that in a moment – but why does Pavelec keep ending up flat on the ice and usually on his stomach when he’s trying to make saves? (No need to answer that, we all know why, it’s still just aggravating to see that from a nine year pro)
  • Have to admit that Patrick Kane goal was something else though… He blew by Marko Dano who was trying to keep up and had a head start on him and then went backhand roof from about two feet away from the goal mouth which not many players in the league can do. If there was a goal where you can’t really blame Pavs on, it’s that one.
  • Maybe it was because the Jets were going through the motions and not fully focused, but the turnovers that led to the 2nd and 4th goals were the kind of turnovers you’d expect to see in pre-season games. Then again the lineup the Jets iced to night was kinda pre-season worthy I suppose…
  • The bottom six of this team is bad (see chart below) for multiple reasons (be it inexperience or lack of ability) and the top six has been beaten down (and fighting off flu) to the point were there is little they can do to carry the club. Blake Wheeler did have a couple of chances in the first half of the game, but beyond that there was little to enjoy from the Jets forwards. Give credit to the Hawks because they do have a stacked team and the kind of depth that the Jets could only dream about.
  • Only 11 more of these to go, 8 of them against teams either in a playoff spot or fighting for their playoff lives. Starting to think the Jets have a legit chance at one of the top 3 picks overall..


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The only guy who had a rougher day than the Jets…

Sparty No

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    Obviously Chicago is a kick-ass team but….

    Despite 2015-2016 being the season of bad breaks of every possible type, Pavelec and Hutchinson both seem to me to play with desperation not confidence.

    And even though it seems like there were only two really consistent defence men all through this season the goaltending has not been good anyway.

    What happens if they are booed into oblivion next season …the ramifications are not pretty.

    • FishWhiskey

      Tank Comander Rommel can’t do this all on his own

      We need Stewart back to achieve mutually assured destruction. It is a case of “Dr. Strange Glove or: How I learned to stop worrying and embrace the tank.”

      Pavs is Dr.Strange Glove and we need Mark (Buck Turgidson) Stewart tipping pucks into his own net to assure a complete nuclear tank armegedon to put us on the sure path to the Mathews/Laine promised land. I think it is the least we can expect from two players who make a combined 7.8 million USD/per season. The Jets have over 10 million devoted to players who are proven boat anchors, not just floaters but guaranteed boat swampers…… What would Scotty Bowman Do?

      • FishWhiskey

        I heard that Dwight Yoakam wrote a new song for Pavs (General Rommel)

        The new song is entitled “Hockeytank Man”

        “Cuz he’s a Hockeytank man
        And he can’t stop a puck
        He loves to give up sloppy goals while the jets are in the penalty box
        And when the seasons all gone and the games are all blown
        We’re singing Austin Mathews won’t you please come home.”

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    After 5 years the painful reality of this team is it’s obvious regression into oblivion…

    not even the Thrashers were this bad

    …considering that the only ‘regular’ missing is a centre, it’s serious lack of depth/talent/coaching and thus proper management is front & center.

    If management believes this can be corrected by bringing in another boatload of rookies, then they are truly in the wrong business, and perhaps should work for the government since being terrible at what you do gets you promoted into ‘haven’t got a clue’ positions.
    Never mind the horrendous ufa signings of:
    and the ridiculously overpaid:
    Where in the name of Last Place is all this hand picked future talent???

  • FishWhiskey

    @FishWhiskey these words you speak are indeed the wise words of a Shao Lin Hockey Sage and LMFAO funny as well, we commend you ….most auspicious. I will meditate upon these truths…

    @#12MorrisLukowich again we are confronted with wise truths of a sage armed with facts that are hurled like Kung Fu stars at the one who likes to say “again” again and again. I never understood the Setoguchi thing and he finally withered or more aptly flamed out in cow town. The kid must have had issues…

    I can’t believe Chevy is orchestrating these ridiculous contracts is he under someone’s thumb?