Jets Nation Recap: Jets win? Jets win over Avs 3-2!! Oh wait….

The Winnipeg Jets successfully came from behind in the third period for the first time in the season… right when the Jets did not really need any come back wins.

The Jets outscored the Colorado Avalanche 3-2 after trailing by a goal entering the third frame.

While some may say the game didn’t matter, it still does. No, not just in the “where the Jets draft” tank perspective, although it matters there as well. It matters to the team. To the individual members that are trying their best to win.

Sure, we have no idea how much the Jets performance now may or may not impact the next season (or distant future in terms of drafting). We do know that after being the second worst team (in terms of Win%) since January 1st is likely very painful.

The first period was “uneventful” without any goals scored, but it did have it’s moments. No moment though was as intense as Dustin Byfuglien getting livid at the referee after Erik Johnson scored the first goal in the second period. A brouhaha broke out for a loose puck after a diving save from Ondrej Pavelec. The Jets somewhat scooped the puck underneath Pavelec but the Jets’ goalie was unable to hold on to the puck and it skipped back out, and to the stick of Johnson.

Byfuglien did not agree with the referee choosing to not blow the whistle.

Matt Duchene then gave the team the insurance goal (did anyone check if he was offside?) for his 29th of the season. But, the Jets are not without their own sniper, and Mark Scheifele buried the wrister after a fancy quick passing play between Dustin Byfuglien and Mathieu Perreault.

Drew Stafford wins the plumber award for getting into the dirty areas and scoring the greasy rebound goal to tie up the game. They don’t ask how, just how many.

Then Scott Kosmachuk came streaking down the wing, setting up Adam Lowry for the game winning goal and Kosmachuk’s first NHL point.

Three Keys:

5v5 Dominance: The shot attempts may have been about the same, but the Jets had 14 of their non-blocked attempts come from the prime areas, compared to the Avs only getting 6. That’s quite the difference.

Garret called it (sorta): So prior to the game I predicted the Jets to win only because everyone expected them to lose. I called it. Sorta. I also said they could lose because they had been playing poorly and had Pavelec in net, so who am I really to pat myself on the back.

It’s not over yet: It’s only a mere 103 days until the Jets make their draft selection (Auston Matthews), but the Jets still have 14 games to play, and they do have some youth playing well that should excite for the future. By the way, have you heard about the good news that is our future saviour Kyle Connor is dominating the NCAA (oh ya and that Matthews kid is pretty good).

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