JN AirMail: March 7, 2016

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Steven C asks: Maybe it’s confirmation bias & playing with 85, but Burmi finally seems to be playing like we all expected him to. Thoughts?

It’s amazing the effect different types of line-mates can have on a player’s individual production isn’t it? I don’t know if Matthew Perreault is the most ideal winger for him to be with but it is an upgrade over someone like Chris Thorburn or even Adam Lowry who himself has dropped off production wise.

I know there has been plenty of chatter from many Jets fans that this season has been a bust for Alex Burmistrov and there is some truth to that as he hasn’t been quite the player on the 3rd line that I think a lot of us hoped he would be. That said it’s important to keep in mind the same thing I was saying about him a couple of weeks ago. He’s still relatively young (24 is young right?) and he spent half the season trying to get back into the faster pace of NHL play and adjusting to a new role with a new coach.

There are a couple of things I’d like to see Burmi ‘tidy up’ for next season. He needs to cut down on the giveaways – he leads all Jets forwards in that stat with 39. It would also be nice to see him get more shot attempts where he currently sits at 8th among Jets forwards in attempted shots with 143. By comparison, Blake Wheeler leads with 357 which of course are numbers skewed by playing time and quality of line-mates.

Even if his numbers haven’t reflected it yet, I do feel there is more of a confidence in his game when it comes to handling the puck as well as taking care of things on the defensive side especially when it comes to the penalty kill. Maurice must feel comfortable with him because he still takes regular shifts on the PK and is still seeing plenty of ice time.

The only real legit complaint about Burmi right now is that he can’t finish…

This is a valid point and maybe the main reason not to give up on Burmistrov quite yet. Hopefully next season those missed chances turn into goals… If not for him, than for line-mates who are more adept at putting the puck in the net than some of the wingers he has had.

Tyler G asks: Jets are looking to get Auston Matthews but since we already have two great centers in Little and Scheifele wouldn’t Jesse Puljularvi or Patrick Laine be better fits for what the Jets need? Would the Jets take either of those two if they had the first overall pick?

To answer the first question last.. No. The Jets would take Matthews in a heartbeat. It’s the same reason why the Oilers took McDavid when the last thing they really needed was a young center and they really could have used a player like Noah Hanifin instead to help beuild their defense. When you’re in the top five of the draft, I firmly believe you take the best available player no matter what the team need is.

The exception to that rule of course is if you do have a need and can trade down and still get the player you think you need a few spots lower but in that case the offer from a team wanting to trade up to your spot had better be as franchise changing as the player you’re about to draft if not a little more so.

The Jets do have some nice prospect depth at center so wingers like Puljularvi or Laine would be perfect and it’s why I think even if the Jets can’t snag the first overall, no one should be upset being relegated to a 2nd or 3rd overall pick. Laine especially with his size at 6’4″ and considering that just like Auston, he too is playing in a men’s pro league and thriving (17 goals and 33 points in 45 games played) would be a fantastic addition for the Jets.

But if the Jets are fortunate enough to get the first overall pick, you can bet your life savings they’ll take Auston Matthews and then figure out what to do with their sudden glut of center depth at a later date.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    The other way to look at Burmi playing with MP is that Burmi has absolutely killed MPs offensive production. MP’s only 2 points in the last 8 games both came on goals from 55 and one was on the PP.

    He is an offensive black hole.

    His PK work has been excellent though.