Pardy-on in Edmonton: Oilers pick up Adam Pardy from waivers

The Winnipeg Jets yesterday placed left-shot, depth defender Adam Pardy on waivers yesterday.

There were no reports or explanation given why the Jets exposed a pending-free-agent, depth-player less than 24 hours away from the NHL roster limit being lifted. However, it was speculated that the Jets were giving Pardy an opportunity to play elsewhere to give him a chance to earn a contract for next season.

Pardy did not move far on the waiver wire, as the Edmonton Oilers picked Pardy up, along with the Vancouver Canucks’ Adam Cracknell.

Overall, Adam Pardy played 129 games for the Winnipeg Jets over a few seasons. Throughout those 129 games Pardy posted 14 assists, all at even strength. His 5v5 scoring pace of 0.52 points per 60 minutes won’t wow the Oilers but is acceptable for a depth defender.

Pardy gave the Jets fairly good value for his contract. While he was sheltered at times, the Jets directed 113 more pucks at their opponents net than they had at their own with Pardy on ice. This works out to the Jets controlling about 52.2 per cent of all shots (goals, saves, misses, blocks) with Pardy on the ice, while only controlling 51.6 per cent with Pardy on the bench.

WAR-On-Ice’s scoring chances Pardy looked good, with the Jets controlling 53.2 per cent of scoring chances with Pardy on the ice, and 51.1 per cent with him on the bench.

Even goals paints Pardy in a positive light, with the Jets scoring four more goals than allowing with Pardy on the ice for 5v5.

He is an imperfect player, and not one you would want to run up your depth chart. At 31-years-old, Pardy is not getting any younger and likely not part of the Jets long term plans. Regardless, Pardy did what you want for a depth defender, and that is limit the bleeding while on the ice.

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