Jets Nation Recap: The Florida Jagrs Jagr the Jets By A Score Of Jagr to 1

The Jets lose. But in losing the game they actually win in the end in a sorta kinda way. It’s hard to know what to feel any more and the next two months are going to be strange as hell for all of us.

And those jerks over at OilersNation didn’t give us any kind of indication how one lives with a tank midway through February.

Admit it, when the Jets were up 1-0 after the first period off a goal that we thought could have been Dustin Byfuglien’s, credited to Andrew Ladd and end up switched to Nik Ehlers, you felt conflicted didn’t you?

“Geez, that was a decent period by the Jets..”

You thought. They hung right in there with the Panthers and if not for some good work from Roberto Luongo the Jets lead could have been bigger. The logical side of you knows that points won probably leads to a fools game of hoping for playoff dreams, but you are in the end a fan and a fan wants to see wins…

When the Panthers tied it in the second period, again you weren’t sure what to think.

“This game could go either way against one of the best teams in the East… Where was this effort against lesser teams like the Sabres and Oilers? If the Jets played like this more often maybe they’d be in a much better spot to make a playoff run.”

Sure the Panthers had some push back in that period but the Jets still out-shot Florida and had some nice chances again.

“Perhaps there is still time to make a playoff run.. Maybe this tank thing was premature”

you thought.

And then that third period happened where it looked like the Panthers hit another proverbial gear sparked by a power play goal less than four minutes into the period and a second Jagr goal 10 minutes later and the entire time it felt like the Jets hung on for dear life to not get ran over.

“Oh yeah *this* is why we’re talking about a tank with 24 games left in the season.”


Hutch – A second good game in a row from Michael Hutchinson who stopped 29 of 32 shots faced and in the case of all three goals, you can’t really fault anything Hutch did as they were the result of defensive breakdowns. The Jets are going to have to do something with the three goalies they have at some point in the next two weeks or this summer and at the very least Hutch has either upped his trade value or convinced management he’s the answer as a backup to Hellebuyck next season.

Faceoffs – The Jets were owned in this department all night and it was especially that way when taking offensive draws where the Jets only won 4 of 20 offensive zone faceoffs. Hard to get anything going on offense when the other team has the puck to start the next round of play and a chance to get out of the zone.

Jagr – Scored goals 741 and 742 to tie the game and then give the Panthers insurance. Those goals now put him 3rd all-time in NHL goal scoring and as always we as fans wonder how much higher that total would be if not for work stoppages and years spent in Russia.



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