WWYDW: If Andrew Ladd is traded, who plays?

to this weeks version of What Would You Do Wednesday where you are
asked a question and debate among yourselves. Fortunately, the only
prize you will receive will be the most Twitter mentions. 

week’s WWYDW asks about who should take Andrew Ladd’s ice-time, if he
is traded. Take a read and let us know!

the trade deadline draws near, the Jets have two big names in the
rumour mill: Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien. Reports are
inconclusive, but management seems to be deciding that with the Jets’
place in the standings, re-signing Byfuglien is the higher priority
and Ladd needs to be traded for assets.

Ladd is traded, this will open up a significant hole in the roster
because Ladd plays in all situations for the Jets.

Jets were led by rookie sensation Nik Ehlers to a 5-2 win over the
Coyotes on the 26th of January by scoring his first career
hat trick. The 3 goals upped Ehlers’ goal total to 12 for the 2015-16

has shown that he has top-6 offensive talent, but has not always been
given the opportunity and responsibility to play in the Jets’ top-6.
If Ehlers is given more ice time, he could flourish and provide some much needed offense.

Scheifele has returned from the injured reserve and has shown that he
is defensively reliable, but has received little time on the penalty
kill. Scheifele’s inclusion on the penalty kill could help the kill
considerably, as he has speed and is a centreman.

Andrew Ladd is traded, the assets coming back will most likely help
in the future and not help with the lineup right now. The issue with
trading Ladd is the Jets already have a lack of quality forward depth
and will not have successful last part of the season.

Would You Do Jets Nation?

else would you use to fill Ladd’s hole in the lineup?

would you change the role of current players to make up for Ladd?

As always leave your answers and lineup suggestions in the comments or on Twitter with the #wwydw hash tag and mention to @NHLJetsNation 

  • For Pete's Sake!


    Not as strong without Ladd in there, but still respectable…well 3 out of 4 lines at least.

    Little, Lowry, Wheeler, Burmi, MP, Schief could all be used on the PK. Basically pick two and send them out. Wheeler is the only one who isn’t a center, so you’ve got lots of face off options.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Ladd a lot. But I think if he can garner a good return, moving him makes sense. Give Wheeler the C, and move on.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    I don’t understand the dream world Ladd & Laddcamp live in. He will NEVER get north of $6mil. ($36 mil.) from any team…good luck in Florida Andrew…