WWYDW: You’re the GM, Again

Welcome to this weeks version of What Would You Do Wednesday where you are asked a question and debate among yourselves. Fortunately, the only prize you will receive will be the most Twitter mentions. 

This week’s WWYDW follows up on last week’s WWYDW by asking what kind of assets you are willing to give up. Take a read and let Jets Nation know!

 Last week I wrote
about the Jets possibly needing to make a trade and this week I want
to follow up based on some minor Jets speculation from Elliotte
Friedman in this week’s 30 Thoughts and news from around the NHL.

There seems to be
general consensus in Jets Nation that the Jets should at least be
talking to teams like Columbus and Colorado about Duchene and
Johansen. Add another name to the fire, Jonathon Drouin.

If you are Kevin
Cheveldayoff, do you make a play for Drouin?

Jonathon Drouin is
the kind of player that can help a team now and in the future. He is
only 20 years old and his prime scoring years are still a ways off.

If the Jets are
making a play for players like Drouin, Duchene, or Johansen, they
still view the season as salvageable. Those three players will
require the Jets parting with more than one valuable asset. For
example, this is what the Tyler Seguin trade looked like: Tyler
Seguin, Rich Peverley and defenseman Ryan Button to the Stars for
forward Loui Eriksson and three prospects (Joseph Morrow, Reilly
Smith and Matt Fraser).

Would you be willing
to part with the Jets’ 1st round pick? Would you be
willing to part with Nikolaj Ehlers or Blake Wheeler, if trading them
meant getting a player like Duchene?

If you are not all
in to win for the 2015-16 season, what assets on the Jets are

Elliotte Friedman
speculated about the Washington Capitals potentially being interested
in Dustin Byfuglien in this week’s 30 Thoughts:

6. With Brooks
Orpik’s health situation uncertain, a couple of sources indicated
to check Washington’s interest in Dustin Byfuglien. There’s logic
to this, as their cap hits are within $300,000 of each other. Can you
imagine the Capitals with him? Anyways, it doesn’t look like this
is going to happen. Word is Orpik’s injury is not season-ending. If
he was gone until the playoffs (e.g. Patrick Kane last year), I could
see Washington trying. 

Are you willing to
trade Byfuglien and leave a hole in the blue line? Keep in mind,
Byfuglien is on an expiring contract, so the return will have limits.

If a team inquired
about Bryan Little, would you listen or hang up laughing? Bryan
Little could net a fairly large return and build up Winnipeg’s
prospect depth.

Are any of the
prospects off limits, say Josh Morrisey or Brendan Lemieux?

What Would You Do?

You determine there
is enough of the season left to make a run for the playoffs and you
need to make a splash to make the run and make the fans happy. What
are you willing to give up assets wise?

The season is lost
and you decide to position yourself for a higher draft pick. Do you
sell some pieces so the Jets are ready for a playoff run during the
2016-17 season? Or, do you sell some bigger name pieces and build for
the future?

  • Joelimus

    I wouldn’t entertain shipping Little, Wheeler or Ehlers anywhere. If one of the above teams would entertain a deal with a pick, prospect and buff/ladd, I say go for it. Not sure what combo would be acceptable for those teams though. I’d be ok with losing a first, petan, stu or postma and ladd for any of those three. Is that enough though?

  • Joelimus

    Little/Wheels/55/Ehlers/Toby are all untouchable to me. I’d be afraid little is too undervalued by the rest of the league and his and Wheels contracts are just so good for a budget team.

    Connor/Ros and Lemieux are also off limits… Connor and Ros for obvious reasons and Lemieux because past Connor our LW prospect depth is pretty slim.

    I understand that Petan and Deleo could both play wing but it gives us options to use them at center.

    Armia/Morrissey/Petan/Kosmachuk/DeLeo/Kitchon and Kostalek should all be at least possible movers with Morrissey being the hardest one to part with and I’m not sure we could let him go without finding some kind of LD to replace him