Jets Nation Recap: Jets Sputter Out Against the Ducks

Good evening Jets
fans. Tonight’s match up saw the Jets playing their third game in
four nights against the Anaheim Ducks. They rolled into Anaheim after
beating the San Jose Sharks 4-1 the night before.

Unfortunately, the
Ducks returned the favour and beat a tired Jets team 4-1. Lets take a
brief look at how the game went.

The Jets entered
Anaheim on a good note, after beating the San Jose Sharks 4-1, and were hoping to build off of the win. Unfortunately, the
Ducks had a bit more jump than the Jets and the Ducks would score on Michael Hutchinson partway through the

Chris Thorburn
fought Chris Stewart, immediately following the Ducks’ first goal,
clearly hoping to spark the Jets and bring them back into the game.

Unfortunately, the
Jets would not be sparked by the fight.

As the first continued on, the game began to look like a typical bad game by the Jet. The would Jets take a
bad penalty and the other team would score. This time, it was Jacob
Trouba taking a penalty and Kevin Bieksa would score on the power
play to put the Ducks ahead 2-0.

The Jets would end
the first having been out shot 14-8 and that includes two
back-to-back power plays for the Jets.

After another
mediocre start to the period, Tyler Myers would go for a skate with
the puck into the Ducks’ zone and would end up turning over the puck.
The resulting rush would see Corey Perry score to put the Ducks up

However, Myers would
atone for his turnover. Minutes after the Ducks scored their 3rd
goal, Tyler Myers would throw the puck on the net on the rush and
have Carl Hagelin deflect the puck past John Gibson.

The Jets continued
to look like a slow bunch in the second. The Ducks would continue to
use their speed to attack on the rush, taking advantage of the Jets
playing the second game of a back-to-back.

Toby Enstrom took a
tripping penalty with a handful of minutes left in the second, to put
the Jets on the penalty kill again. The kill was looking good until
Blake Wheeler turned the puck over in the offensive zone and the Jets
forgot to play defence.

Ryan Kesler would be
left fairly open, and he would score a power play goal to put the
Ducks up 4-1.

As the Jets
attempted to gain some ground against the Ducks, they opened up their
game, but this would prove ineffective.

If the Jets wanted a
chance to win the game, they had to turn on the gas in the third. They tried, but were unable to execute any sort of comeback. The Ducks would continue to dictate play
for most of the third, this time dominating the neutral zone and
making zone entry for the Jets extremely difficult.

The final score was 4-1 for the Ducks, but without some key saves by Hutchinson the game could have been even more out of hand.


Poor Hutch: Michael
Hutchinson is slowly being ousted out of the crease by rookie Connor
Hellebuyck. Hutch faced a hungry Ducks team, looking to win and to
continue to dominate over the Jets. Hutchinson was given the task of
backstopping an exhausted Jets team, with coaching staff hoping he
could break out of his slump without any support from his team.

Special Teams: The
Jets need to figure their special teams out. This game was just
another example of the team being able to figure out how to kill a
penalty and score when they have a power play. The Ducks’ fourth goal
was a prime example of the Jets not knowing what to do, leaving a man
open for a break away and not contesting the trailer, who would

Scheduled Loss:
Unfortunately for the Jets, the game against the Ducks saw them play
their third game in four nights on the second game of a back-to-back.
The team looked tired and could not muster a consistent effort
throughout the night.



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