WWYDW: Should the Jets Make a Trade?

With the injury of
Mark Scheifele, the forward depth of the Jets is being tested. With
Jets managment opting to go for a youth movement, certain offensively
minded players were not resigned in the 2015 off-season.

To fill the hole of
losing Scheifele, players are being forced to play in roles they are
not used to or do not have the proper skill set to fill the hole.

This begs the
question, do the Jets need to make a trade to properly fill the 2nd
line centre spot if Scheifele is out long term?

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About a month ago,
there were rumours that the Colorado Avalanche were possibly looking
to trade Matt Duchene. While Duchene is more than a 2nd
line centre, he would certainly fill Scheifele’s shoes and provide
the Jets with excellent production. Duchene is under contract until
the 2018-19 season at $6 Million a year and will be only 28 at the
end of his contract.

Would Duchene look good in a Jets uniform? His price would be really high.

Another player to
look at is Ryan Johansen that could work as the 2nd line
centre is Ryan Johansen. Johansen already has a 63 and 71 point
season at the young at the young age of 23. He has been in the trade
rumour mill since John Tortorella took over as head coach of the Blue
Jackets. However, Johansen’s contract is up after the 2016-17 season
and will be looking to see a raise from the $4 Million annual

What about Johansen? His price might not be quite as high, but his contract is not as good as Duchene’s

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Another option is
for the Jets to not make a high profile move and go for a lowe
profile player. Recently, Sam Gagner went through waivers with the
Flyers and could be traded for at a cheaper price. Jarret Stoll also
went through waivers and is another player who could provide better
depth than what the Jets currently have. Or, the Jets could go off
the board and sign Mike Richards, if management thinks his off ice
issues are behind him.

This option does not provide as much high end skill, but might fill the bottom 6.

The Jets also have a
bit of a hole on defence. Currently, the bottom 3, or at least the
players who should
be in the bottom 3 defence spots, are playing
awfully. Should the Jets use some of their assets to shore up the
blue line? A player like Tyson Barrie might be available at the right
price, if the Avalanche are certain they cannot resign him. Toronto
might be willing to give Roman Polak up for picks.

Barrie might look great with the Jets, but what would his price be and would the Jets be able to resign him?

If you were the
General Manager of the Winnipeg Jets, what would you do?

Would you:

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Trade for a high
profile player (Duchene, Johansen, etc) to fill Mark Scheifele’s

Use the waiver wire
or trade for a lower profile player (Gagner, Stoll, Free Agent,
Waiver Pickup) to get a player who is better than what is currently
in the Jets’ bottom 6?

Decide that the
forward depth is alright and decide to trade for a defenceman,

Or, do nothing.
Everything is fine.

What would you do,
Jets Nation? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Mack Irwin

    The Jets should definitely be in talks for Johansen, Duchene, and any other guys like them. Generally a team getting a player of that caliber in a trade does pretty well with it. All that prospect pool depth could make it workable, too.

    Would have loved to see the Jets claim Gagner. He’s on an expiring contract, not too many $$$ owed, and would be a definite upgrade somewhere in the Jets’ bottom nine.

  • X

    I would trade away some of the liabilities on the roster for picks and/or expiring contracts. Other GMs might think it is panic setting in to “sell-low” on Thorburn and Stuart.. and I would happily let them think that.

    This season is pretty much a dead duck, I wouldn’t go after a big name signing unless there was a good deal to be had, an obvious fleecing.

  • X

    Toronto might be willing to give Roman Polak up for picks.

    If I were Toronto I would be willing to give up some picks to get rid of Roman Polak so that Babcock will stop putting him on the roster.