JN Air Mail – December 14, 2015


Very light week for the mail this week, but that’s ok because we’ll just assume you’re busying finishing your Christmas shopping.

A reminder you can get your questions into us and we’ll try our best to give you educated answers by tagging your tweets to @NHLJetsNation with the hashtag #JNAirMail or by sending us a message throughour Facebook page (which you should totally like btw..)

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First we go back to last week’s mail bag where DaveNaggu asked a very interesting question: If chevy is unable to sign ladd and or buff, what’s a rental of a player of their calibre worth at trade deadline?

I still hold out hope that one of these two players are signed and I’m still leaning towards hoping it’s Ladd despite his somewhat sluggish start to the season. As we’re finding out now this team is having enough issues with it’s bottom six forwards, losing a bona-fide top six (or as the numbers would maybe suggest even a top line) forward would be a huge blow.

Personally I feel the Jets have a little time to get a deal done, but I’ve heard and seen it suggested that if this issue dragged on past Janurary, we may as well consider both players as good as gone.

That said I think the return Ladd would get is a bit better than what Buff would warrant especially the closer to the deadline we get. If Ladd and Byfuglien aren’t signed by March, then it’s pretty obvious they are going to test the market in July. Buff at best might get you a couple of draft picks – perhaps a 1st and 4th round pick? Ladd may net you a mid-round pick and a prospect.. The market around trade deadline is always volatile and we never really seem to know if it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market until the deadline actually passes.

Either way, it feels like Kevin Cheveldayoff is starting to paint himself into a corner with this mess. The one thing that we found out last week is his boss isn’t exactly cool with the idea of just losing two very valuable assets and having nothing to show…

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Time’s ticking Kevin!

Hard to say for sure why the Jets haven’t trotted out a cash grab in the form of a 3rd jersey quite yet – it’s quite possible there really hasn’t been a need for it as current Jets merch still sells quite well – but there could be something on the way soon and it may depend on if the Jets finally are awarded that much anticipated outdoor game as Sportsnet’s Sean Reynolds tweeted out last week:

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Sounds good to me.

A “heritage themed” jersey that also included a nod to the WHA version of the Jets would make for a nice one-off deal and then a year or two after that you can cash in again with a regular alternate jersey that may or may not have elements of that one-ff jersey depending on how it was received by fans.

As for what one would look like? I wouldn’t be against a lighter blue jersey with either the secondary ‘winged’ logo the Jets have… Or maybe something with a nod to the RCAF Flyers?


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