Jets Nation Recap: Jets Fall 5-3 in the U.S. Capital

So, we usually start these game recaps with some analysis of the game and a brief recap of what happened. 

However, for this game, I feel like it’s appropriate to start out with a graph. 


I mean, that about says it all, right?

The Winnipeg Jets lose to the Washington Capitals 5-3 at the Verizon Center.


The Jets really seemed to turn a corner after consecutive wins against the Vancouver Canucks and Arizona Coyotes. However, they’ve followed up those inspiring efforts with completely lackluster performances against the Colorado Avalanche and tonight against the Capitals. 

It started off poorly right off the bat when Justin Williams was able to bang home a rebound off the boards short-side just 1:12 into the game. I know Bryan Little is not a defenseman, but he needs to stay with Williams and tie up his stick on that one. 

The Jets and Capitals would go back and forth trading goals. Williams’ opening goal was countered by Tyler Myers goal where he demonstrated great patience and whipped one past Brayden Holtby. 

Andrew Ladd would give the Jets their only lead of the game when he ripped home a one-timer off a feed from Blake Wheeler.

The Caps would tie the game when Alex Ovechkin gathered a pass in his feet and got the shot off in no time and sniped it short-side on Hutchinson. I saw a lot of criticism for Hutch on that one, but that was a play that possibly only Ovechkin could make. 

Despite being out-shot 15-6 in the first, the Jets managed to be tied with the Capitals 2-2 heading into the second. 

The Capitals didn’t dominate as much in the second, but they still controlled much of the play. 

The defense didn’t do much to help out Hutch in this one. Nate Schmidt was able to feed a puck across the ice, through the top of the blue pain and connect with Nick Backstrom’s stick uncontested for a go-ahead goal. 

Mattieu Perreault tied the game once again with a snipe from the right has marks on the power play, only to lose the lead just 2:31 later when Dmitry Orlov beat Hutch blocker-side with a blast from the point. 

The Caps would add one more late in the third period when Byfuglien turned the puck over in the neutral zone to Marcus Johannson who fed Evgeny Kuznetsov on a breakaway and slid the puck back-hand, five-hole on Hutch. 

Hutchinson has definitely played better games, but his team really hung him out to dry in this one. 

The Jets will be in action again Friday against the Minnesota Wild in Minnesota. It will be the first of a back to back, so we will most likely see Connor Hellebuyck in one of those games this weekend. 


There are better options. They’re playing in Manitoba, New Jersey and Calgary right now. 

YESSS!!!! #FreeEhlers

They say a picture says a thousand words. I say this picture says a thousand words that would make your grandmother wash your mouth out with soap. 


Individual 5v5 numbers all minutes.




Samesies, Chris. Samesies. 

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    “lackluster”…the new chapter in this organization. Actually the Jets let 4 above average forecheckers leave: Frolik, Tlusty, Stempniak and Slater.
    How the bosses felt Thorburn & Peluso could step up to fill those holes will be in another chapter entitled, “Whoops! I did it again”..or is that a song..?…Massive error by Chevy…

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    They let Marchand punch a Sedin because they didn’t want the fabric of North America to fall apart. They didn’t want to reward everyone elevating their game with a Cup else sets a bad role model…
    I did what an NFL QB suggested: I went to the bar. Right away I was harassed by a small town pool player with an inferiority complex. And I drank a lot. I think the bar was suggested to hook up a herbal remedy. But I could only get what was legal at present. So, it made me hate the dating scene here, and any distractions to preventing bioterror and getting DC to take such a threat seriously. So this is goodbye to the NFL, and maybe pro sports. It was bad advice. I’m a strong enough person not to need the distractions of a female idiot who would be okay with letting bioterror happen.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    The rule change they suggested was skates be shaped to bank in a shot.
    For the NFL and USA football, there are multiple suggestions. The main problem is players get to the edge of the field before the pass has been thrown. Making the punt touch inbounds and claiming it at its furthest roll is one innovation. Giving up a pt for punting it to the endzone and 30yds for out of bounds or if a retuning player catches it first. And an extra player on D with the QB able to achieve a 1st down by hitting the endzone.
    For the CFL the only suggestion is to allow anyone to catch the ball to mitigate blitzes.
    50% of NFL games are rigged for lead changes (home fans will take a lead is a small victory) and 50% for the hoem team for a total of 75% rigged.
    Personally, I’ve been tested enough only to permit myself maybe 10hrs a month of sports rather than 10 hours a week. After googling Colbert attacked synthetic biology, I’d rather watch the late show. I still appreciate the NFL, it just has hockey overlapping and the NHL isn’t primarily concerned with market forces.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    …the point of the extra player in the endzone with a throw to the endzone turf to reset the downs, is that, in the USA, you don’t have to be intellectual to play D for football. Just wired and timing a jump or swarming to tackle. Their rule change spreads out the D and makes the wind key. I’d employ a meteorologist to decide when to take the wind. They get the better athletes of course.