Jets Nation Recap: Preds #MakeItSeven In Shutout Win Over Jets


During a road trip where not much has gone right for the Winnipeg Jets, tonight was a perfect example of what is all wrong with this team. Missed defensive assignments, undisciplined play, structureless offensive play and selfish, lazy penalties.

It was a perfect storm of suck and the Jets fully earned the 7-0 butt kicking the Nashville Predators handed them tonight.

This has to be rock bottom now right?

With every game played in a season, one should always try to find positives even in a game like this but you’d be hard pressed to find any outside of it gave Paul Maurice a chance to mess with the lines in a game situation and see what could work in the future.

The turning point of the game was likely the opening puck drop. It was all downhill from there.

How bad was it? This is how the first period ended:


The rest of the night wasn’t much better.

Nuff said.


Forgetting Defense: Again team defense is maybe the biggest issue that is crippling this club and make no mistake, it’s a team issue from guys on the blueline to the forwards either being out of position on the forecheck or being too slow on the backcheck.

Regressing Back To The Noel Years? Former Jets HC Claude Noel’s name came up quite a bit tonight on the Twitter machine because this team looked very much like it did in the Noel years. Lack of any sort of structure, chasing the puck all over the place and borderline goon play. This of course leads to questions about what is going on with Paul Maurice. Are the players still paying attention to what worked for them last season?

Anyone Want To Blame The Goalies? Obviously not a great night for the starter Hutchinson or Pavelec who came in after Hutch allowed 2 goals on the first 4 shots. The thing is though the goals scored by the Preds – especially in that first period – were of the high quality chance variety as of a result from very poor defense, it’s tough to say the goalies needed to be better. Besides, even if Hutch or Pavs had stood on their head and only allowed one goal against this night is still a loss.



Shot attempt chart for all minutes:


Shot location for all minutes:


(Charts courtesy


Let’s never speak of this night again shall we?