Jets’ Ladd fires back at Kane: ‘We’ve moved on and maybe he should too’

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

On the subject of Evander Kane, the Winnipeg Jets aren’t mad. It’s so funny that you’d think that. Indeed they’re actually laughing right now at the idea, that’s how silly it is to imagine that they’ve ever even once been mad online.

In reaction to some of Kane’s pointed quotes to Ken Campbell of the Hockey News, Jets forwards Andrew Ladd and Blake Wheeler among others downplayed the recent comments and defended the family-like atmosphere in the Jets room.

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“We’re an open group and if we have any issues we take care of it as a group,” Ladd told reporters on Tuesday. “And we don’t have any issues.”

“So like I said we’re having a good time in here and we’ve moved on and maybe he should too.”

Because nothing screams ‘I’m over it’ like telling people you’re over it. Seriously though, when you tell someone you’re over it, it means you should stop drinking because you’re t-minus 15 minutes from a drunk dial…

Wheeler, who was occasionally critical of Kane in the press while the young forward was in Winnipeg, offered a similar, but toned down sentiment.

“Yeah it is (frustrating to be answering these questions),” Wheeler told reporters. “It is frustrating to have to speak to someone who is no longer with us. I think the one thing you’ll hear from most of the guys is that it’s too bad he feels that way from there. I’m not inside his head. If you want further comment you’d have to fly to Buffalo.”

It’s obvious that the Jets players don’t like this topic of conversation, and fair enough, they shouldn’t. 

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The Kane incident makes absolutely no one look good: not Jets management, not Kane, not the Jets players, not Jets coaches and not even Winnipeg’s hockey fans. At this point it’s probably best for everyone to just shut up. 

Like a dumb Twitter fight, there are no winners, only upset people unconvincingly claiming to be ‘so over it’.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    Just can’t let it go can you Mr. Drance..?
    being from Toronto where LOSING is ingrained in any/all of your sporting culture, you just have to bring that ‘attitude’ to Winnipeg and try to bring down a club that’s miles ahead of the one you’re used to seeing in a constant state of FLOUNDER!
    No one here cares about Evander, Toronto or Atlanta…
    And it it is rather amusing how the sporting world east of the Manitoba border views us…the uncivilized Trappers from the North…but HEY..!
    One thing is for certain…Our relocated hockey team is MILES ahead of yours, and we don’t need a $36 million $ coach to make us feel good about ourselves because our hockey team is so atrocious!
    Will YOU move on?

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    You Mr. Drance more than anybody, should be familiar with the attitude,
    “sour grapes”…You should familiarize yourself with that term and then school THN Ken Campbell, because apparently it doesn’t exist in Toronto.

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    Hey folks, a fan here from Oilersnation. Off sick today so I’m visiting all the nations reading a few articles and finding the comments sections to be both funny and sad all in the same. To the Evander Kane subject. The guy is a total douche canoe and is a cancer in the room. Better off without that crap around and I’m sure the boys in the room feel the same. Good luck in the season. Now can you ship us big Buff for nothing, we need him more than you. Lol.

  • Cubro

    Its like a ghost town here in jetsnation, oilersnation averages over 100 comments per article. But yeah im not a fan of evander kane, thats not the guy that you want in your dressing room.