Which Political Party Would The Jets Be?

Not only is it hockey season but Canada is in the throes of an election campaign. Many a lively debate has been held not just about who should be where on the depth chart, but which party you should vote for. So it got me thinking if we could compare sports teams and political parties, which team and party are most alike?

Now before I reveal which party is closest to the Winnipeg Jets, I must remind everyone this is completely unscientific and should not be taken too seriously. It is not an endorsement of any party whatsoever. This was done for fun. But go vote on October 19. 

In my humble opinion, the Jets are closest to the Green Party of Canada. Now before any Liberals, New Democrats or Conservative Jet fans get riled up about this, let me explain.

The Green Party are an up and coming party with a smart and charismatic leader that champion the underdog. Likewise, the Jets are an up and coming team with a smart and somewhat charismatic head coach. The Jets are usually underdogs and most (but not all) neutrals tend to root for them.

The Green Party tend to have a difficult time attracting star candidates thus have to rely on recruiting younger, inexperienced candidates through the grassroots level. Likewise, the Jets have a hard time attracting star free agents thus the need to go to the draft and develop mode to build the team. 

The Greens have had small victories, but have yet to gain official party status in the House of Commons. Likewise, the Jets have had some victories to be proud of, but are still looking for their first postseason win in franchise history. 

The Greens have a small but very fanatical base that truly believe in the cause. Likewise, the Jets play in the smallest market with their home games at one of the smallest arenas in the NHL yet have one of the most passionate and vocal fan bases that truly believe in the team. 

The Greens have a difficult time in being included in televised leaders debates, which are vital in getting their message to a national audience. Likewise, the Jets have a hard time getting on national TV while the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens get all the attention.

Now to be perfectly clear, there are differences. The Greens don’t have a candidate that is a known rising star like the Jets have in Nikolaj Ehlers or Nic Petan. The Jets aren’t overly concerned about the environment (but there are recycling spots all over the MTS Centre.) The Greens don’t have corporate owners with deep pockets while the Jets have Mark Chipman and David Thomson as financial backers. Should mention the obvious that the Jets don’t have any green in their colour scheme.

Despite the differences, the Jets and the Green Party of Canada have more in common than not. Therefore, the Jets political party would be the Greens. 

*Final reminder. This was done in fun and not to be taken too seriously. But go vote on October 19.