WWYDW: Lets Make a Goalie Controversy

Yup, it is that time of the week again: What Would You Do
Wednesday. How do the Jets fans feel about starting a goalie
controversy fire? That is the theme of the week for The Nation

The Scenario

The first four games of the 2015-16 season have seen the Jets go
3-1 and have experienced good goaltending from Ondrej Pavelec and
Michael Hutchinson. Paul Maurice claims there is not a rotation in
place, the games both goalies have played are because of the
schedule. Either way, the Jets have had 4 games of good goaltending.


Pavelec has never
proved himself to be a consistent starter. He can go through
stretches of great games, but then look like he cannot see a beach
ball. Hutchinson on the other hand, is relatively unproven at the NHL
level. He backed up Pavelec during the 2014-15 season and showed
flashes of brilliance over the season, but faltered near the end.

Maybe Hutchinson will take over this season.

As Garret recently noted, Pavelec is improving as goalie, but is still below league
averages for goalies and starting goalies. What is comforting,
despite the small sample size, is the fact that Michael Hutchinson is
the better goalie and his early performances during the 2015
preseason and 2015-16 regular season suggest that he will build on
last season’s performance.

Hutchinson might be
the better goalie, but we cannot say for sure because he has only
played 40 NHL regular season games. The Jets could ride him and hope
he continues to play at a high level.

As was said earlier,
there seems to be no planned rotation for Pavelec and Hutchinson, but
their play may force Paul Maurice and Jets’ Management to make some
choices based on the performance of their goalies. This all depends on how Maurice deploys his goalies. 

Another thing to
note is Connor Hellebuyck and Eric Comrie are inching close to
becoming NHL goalies, giving the Jets’ more goalie depth if Hutchinson or Pavelec are traded or injured.

If I was the coach, I would let Hutchinson have the reigns for a stretch and see if he can prove himself as a consistent starter. We know what we have in Pavelec, lets find out what the Jets have in Hutchinson. This would allow the Jets to trade Pavelec and hopefully clear up some cap space.

How It Works

Now it is your turn
to finish the story. Should the Jets split starts between Pavelec and
Hutchinson and hope a starter emerges? Should Maurice ride one goalie
until they falter? Should the Jets trade Pavelec or Hutchinson and
let Hellebuyck be the back up? Should the Jets put Garret in net?

Let us know what you
would do in the comments.  

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    I vote that you play Pavs like a #1 keeper until / unless he falters, w/ occasional games given to Hutch to keep him engaged. Hutch is waiting in the wings and he can step up to help when req’d with minimal ego issues. Going w/ Hutch now hurts Pav’s confidence (remember goalies are voodoo) and makes his rebound less likely down the road when we will, in all probability, require relief for a (near) rookie in Hutch, all else being equal. Let alone the collateral damage that happens to Pav’s trade value if he’s benched now …

    This debate is a great problem to have, JetsNation !!

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    Trade Pavelec to the Sabres!
    They have lots of money and they need a reliable starter/mentor but preferably one that is not so good that they give up the chance at a lottery pick this season.. seems like a perfect fit. It doesn’t matter what the return is.
    Then go get whichever goaltender Toronto has decided to give up on, I am sure that can be had on the cheap – split starts with Hutch and see what happens. Making the playoffs this season is a crapshoot in the Central this season anyway, might as well spend the season developing future talent instead of playing out the string with Pavs.