Jets Nation Recap: Can I Go Home Yet? Jets lose 8-1

You knew it was
going to be a long night when you saw the Wild’s roster. You knew it
was going to be a long night when you saw Anthony Peluso left to be
in charge of boxing out Nino Niederreiter.

Take a deep breath Jets fans, this was just a preseason game, a really bad preseason game against a Wild team full of vets.

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The first period of the game was full of goals and not for the good guys. The second period was full of goals and we saw Michael Hutchinson pulled for Connor Hellebuyck. The third period had more goals, but this time the Jets scored one. All in all, that is how the game went. The final score was 8-1.

The end of the game
was the most exciting when the game started to get a little chippy
and some fights brewed. Not that I am a huge supporter of fights,
that’s just how bad he game was. There is evidence of some bad blood
developing and hopefully this continues as this will make for an
exciting season series between the two teams.

Discipline was again
a factor for the Jets. The Wild had 5 power plays, which thankfully,
did not end up in more goals. Chalk one up for the penalty kill.
However, the Jets’ power play was not able to capitalize on their 4
opportunities either. In fact, the 5 on 3 power play resulted in no
shots on net.

Fortunately, this
game did not end with a donut for the Jets, as Mathieu Perrault
scored the lone goal.

This game
unfortunately was very telling for the Jets young players. Their
defensive prospects are not ready for the NHL. The defence was
constantly caught looking flat footed as the Minnesota Wild skated
past them. I lost count of the odd man rushes for the Wild. The
effort was not evident with a lack of back check by the Jets. This is
all very disturbing because there were many roster hopefuls in this

Tomorrow is a new
day, and according to Paul Maurice, he expects the intensity to pick
up after tonight’s game.

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Defence, or lack
of defence:
They say defence wins games and this could not be
more true for the Jets. The defencemen were constantly not ready as
the Wild transitioned into their zone at speed. Maybe they were
hoping the Wild would dump and chase, but this was not the game plan.
Going hand in hand with this was the lack of back check by the
Winnipeg forwards. I am ragging on the defence, but the forwards for
much of the game did not supply very good support for their defence.

Lack of
As I said, the whole team looked flat and this
showed out of the gate with 4 goals and 13 shots by the Wild in the
first period. For me, this points to the players not fully preparing
themselves for the game. While, some of this might be the coaching
staff’s fault, if you are a professional athlete, you have to be
ready for every game and some players just are not ready for the
professional level.

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Other Player
Thomas Raffl was good. I enjoyed watching him play and be
strong on the puck. He seemed to be one of the only Jets forwards
sticking out as he hustled back. Nik Ehlers showed flashes of speed,
one of which almost got me excited. Patrice Cormier played a very
physical game and was one of the only Jets players that stood out for

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Finally, this is how I felt every time the Wild entered the Jets’ zone: