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Jake Virtanen stands out in Van, Harvey the Hound one of Flames All-time greats, Nylander will make it hard on Leafs, Ehlers ready to make the jump, protecting Connor McDavid, the NHL’s growing image problem and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Draftkings.

In the roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise. (Posted across all Nation Network team sites)


Through trying times, Hunter Shinkaruk is still smiling

5 most interesting quotes from GM Benning’s interview with Bob McKenzie

Canucks rookies blown out by Oilers in rookie debut

Youngstars: Virtanen better than Ehlers


Leafs will have a tough time cutting Nylander, and that’s fine

Tyler Bozak and the bad training camp

Leafs player profile: Martin Marincin

Top 5 quotes from GM Cheveldayoff’s interview with Bob McKenzie

Jets ‘Youngstars tournament’ recap: Ehlers stands out

Flames: 2015 Blueline

5 quotes from GM Treliving’s interview with Bob McKenzie

Breaking: Flames still kind of crazy

All time greatest Flames: Harvey the Hound

Oilers: Protecting Connor McDavid

Todd McLellan’s biggest challenge

All over the place: Oilers ‘Youngstars tournament’ thoughts

Chiarelli lays out challenge for Nurse and Draisaitl Scrap of the week (Penticton Youngstars)

More from around the Network…

NHL’s player Image problem

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Colorado Avalanche ‘Cap’ management moving forward

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    • Spydyr

      Interesting interview with Andersson where he said that was his first fight…

      It reminded me of Ference jumping Stempniak.

      I think the Oilers search for a captain is over: Nurse is your guy!!!

      The split games will be interesting , or will Nurse sit those out?


      • Spydyr

        If Andersson did not want to go, he should of not kept poking Nurse in the face. He will learn fast in the NHL if you pi$$ off the bull you will get the horns.

        • Derzie

          As I recall, the face poking was by Nurse. Ras was yapping, had no choice but to stand up to the much bigger guy. Honorable thing to do. Again, Ras said he got his head caved in. First fight. When Hunter Smith chatted with Nurse, he was having none of that. And the whole Nurse display of Hulkamania after beating on Ras was a bit much.

  • Derzie

    One has to be impressed with how Draisaitl has emerged early this season . Is he now the best option for second line center at this time ? He might well be . Most have a raw rookie in McDavid ahead of him – already pencilled in and gifted by most . Perhaps Oilers should consider McDavid on wing as well to start season , or even 3rd line center . Although early , Draisaitl looks to be outperforming McDavid to this stage . If Bennett is making Flames roster this year (highly likely) then it might be odd that a suspected better talent than he would not make the Oiler roster opening day.

    • NJ

      I’m sorry, I missed something. The season has started? And now we are gifting Drai the 2 spot? 0.0 After last season, I would suggest that Draisaitl had better show up and DOMINATE in preseason before he gets a spot on this team.

      I don’t know why I feed the trolling, but this is trolling at its finest.

      • Spydyr

        Don’t be so naïve as to think McDavid is being gifted second line center , even McLellan has yet to do that as you probably are aware . You want to protect McDavid , it is easier from the wing to do that . Draisaitl has shown well so far in his development from last season , and also in the faceoff circle I might add . We have seen the problems of gifting a very good prospect a center position in Draisaitl last year . McDavid is going to take some time to adjust to the NHL just as Draisaitl did last year as all can recall . He looks much better prepared for NHL this year so far . I am not gifting Draisaitl , Lander . Letestu or even McDavid second line status as yet , why do you not understand that ? I merely built Draisaitl up as an option I believe the Oilers might well explore seeing as he seems to be a much better player this year than last . Certainly not trolling ! We see things differently perhaps , but not trolling by any means .

        Like McLellan , we’ll see how things pan out up to opening day , as many options I am sure he is going to want to explore with many players seeing as he is not overly familiar with them at this stage .