Jets Nation Is On Facebook!


You remember Facebook right? It was that cool social media website that you spent all your time on before your mom and dad joined and you discovered how much better Twitter is. You probably still check in on Facebook from time to time if only to clear out all the Candy Crush invites you get from your auntie but now you have a new reason to constantly check in with Facebook… Jets Nation!

Did you know Jets Nation has it’s very own page on Facebook? It’s true! We’ve actually been on Faceboook since 2013 but you probably didn’t notice since your timeline is mostly just pictures of cats with motivational sayings that your co-worker keeps posting. It’s also possible you didn’t notice since we have only posted a handful of times on there back in 2013 and much like the Toronto Maple Leafs since that time, it’s faded into a sort of trivial existence that no one has really noticed.

All of that ends today as we’re proud to announce that we’re dusting off the virtual cobwebs and re-launching Jets Nation on Facebook!

And by “us” we actually mean “you” because Jets Nation on Facebook will be all about interacting with you fine and fantastic folks. We’ll be posing questions about the Jets for you to speak your opnion on, asking for your feedback on the site and how we’re doing and more fun stuff planned that I can’t exactly get into at this moment because this wouldn’t be a proper Winnipeg Jets blog if we didn’t keep pretty much everything reguarding any plans we may have about the future under a cone of silence much like the Jets themselves.

But it all will only be a great page if a bunch of you ‘like’ our page and make sure to get your friends to like it as well because peer pressure is the best kind of pressure amirite?

In fact if you go over there right now, we’re asking what you thoughts are about the Young Stars Tournament performance this past weekend and how the Jets fared…

So head on over to and click that “like” button.