Jets Nation is looking for contributors for next season

Jets Nation is looking for individuals interested in contributing to hockey and Jets related content!

Here is an open letter from me, the managing editor:

Hello Jets Nation!

For those who do not know who I am, my name is Garret Hohl.

I currently work at CKM Sports Management as a Hockey Analytics Consultant as my primary source of income, while managing Jets Nation and Hockey-Graphs on the side.

I got my start though in sports blogging.

About four years ago I started blogging, putting my thoughts out there for free. 

While it is extraordinarily unlikely that hockey blogging can end up being a financially stable career, it is a possible stepping stone into one.

Cam Charron, Thomas Drance, Dimitri Filipovic, Jonathan Willis, and Steve Dangle are just a few other examples where someone received their start at the Nations Network.

It can be work at times, but there are rewards.

As a contributor at Jets Nation, you get to be part of a very experienced, growing, and exciting team. Jets Nations consists of six members currently and is headed by Thomas Drance and myself.

Since our hiring, Jets Nation has exploded, consistently breaking any personal records held by previous regimes. Jets Nation is one of the fastest expanding blogs on the interwebs, with traffic and activity growing more than double from previous years.

And while a potential future and being part of a rapidly growing site offers its own incentives, the biggest incentive is fun.

Hockey is fun. We watch, talk, and study the support because it is our passion. After all, fan is short for fanatic.

So come and be part of a young and growing blogging team with great potential covering a young and growing NHL team with great potential.

We are looking for individuals eager to contribute regular content with set roles: prospect updates, game day content, daily links, news around the league updates, etc.

We are also open to ideas for any ideas on regular content or series that could interest hockey and Jets fans.

Anyone who is interested can send email applications to garrethohlaih (at) gmail (dot) com.

Previous experience in blogging is preferred but not necessary. Must at least be able to put together coherent sentences.

Thank you,