The Roundup


Canucks front office moves, the Leafs re-sign Martin Marincin, the Oilers take Justin Schultz to arbitration, the Flames cap crunch and more in this week’s Roundup.

In the roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.



Laurence Gilman, Hockey innovation and the future of the Canucks front office

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Summer Thoughts: Where are the Goals Going to Come From?



Embracing the Kessel trade

Will the Leafs take a flyer on Alex Semin?

Kessel trade: Kasperi Kapanen a very important piece in rebuild


Leafs Re-sign Martin Marincin


Jets offseason part 1: The draft

Jets offseason part 2: Free Agency

Jets sign Brendan Lemieux (Claude’s son) to entry level contract

Jansen Harkins 2014-15 Highlights

Trading Iginla was the right thing to do at the right time

Should Flames try and sign Cody Franson?

Looking ahead at Flames potential cap crunch

Bouma, Jooris, and Byron File for Salary Arbitration


McDavid scores 5 in Billy Moore’s Cup (rookie camp game)

Blaming Ben Scrivens

Oilers taking Justin Schultz to arbitration

Oilers defense: Dumping a body

Looking at Bakersfield – Scrap of the week

More from around the Network…

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  • Oil Vice

    I say the Flames next season will be like the Avs were last year. After a suprisingly successful season they’ll come crashing back down to earth.

    Let me point out the simularities.
    Both defensive corps played well over their heads. That makes everyone look good while in Edm we see how a bad defence can make everyone look really bad.
    The coaches (Hartley and Roy) for both teams are primarily intense motivators. That breed of coach has a short shelf life in todays NHL(Iron Mike Keenan now in KHL). The new coaches of today’s NHL are intelligent and can get players to buy in on a deeper level as opposed to screaming and yelling. High intensity will get short term results. I feel like the flames will get tired of the constant pushing from Hartley and they’ll lose their intensity as a group.
    Save your jabs about the flames doing better than the Oil this year. Thats a different convorsation. Come at me with something better than that.

  • Oil Vice

    This Giordano situation is awesome! I could see it coming all the way from the NHL awards show when Hudler was (drunkenly) trying to pump his tires as the “best Captain in the league.” Then the camera goes to Bob Hartley in the stands, nodding his head in agreement. Combine that with the Norris talk and his ego is full. Honestly I like him but he is only human.
    Now, 31yrs old and coming off a significant injury, Giordano wants to get paid BIG!
    The clock is ticking. One year left. Due for a hefty raise. Probably wants the same deal as Hamilton got. I doubt he’ll ever get back to his pre-injury form.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      You realize “the deal that Hamilton got” is less than the deals your punks who have never accomplished anything signed for (RNH, Hall, Eberle)….

      I’m sure Treliving would be happy to sign Gio to that deal, maybe a few years less term.


  • fretsey

    The only person in the world that couldn’t have scored 5 goals against a group of oilers prospects is Michael J Fox and even he would have probably tapped in a hat trick be sheer luck.

    • MattyFranchise

      As an Oilers fan, I’ have to laugh. Why don’t you try stepping on the ice? We’ll see how you stack up against players that have real NHL experience!!!! Nurse is already better than giordano and he hasn’t even made the show yet. McDavid will bring us to the post season this year, guarantee from me an all the other oiler fans, we know what being real fans is all about. the only prospects you had tat looked promising were bartchi and reinhart and you traded them away for nothing gotta love the Brian burk effect

      • CofRed4Life

        I could nitpick everything you said and tell you why it’s wrong, but that wouldn’t be classy. Yes, we’re rivals and we “hate” each other, but we’re all still fans of the same game. Being a real fan means cheering for your team no matter what, and enjoying the beauty that is the NHL.

        That being said, I must do this…

        “Nurse is already better than Giordano…”

        Really?? So why isn’t he playing the toughest minutes and getting Norris consideration?

      • piscera.infada

        So many things wrong with this post, I don’t even know where to begin.

        Swell to see fans like you that obviously don’t watch hockey that doesn’t attach the prefix “Oiler” to it, you’d fit right in with Leafs fans in southern Ontario where I dwell.

        So I’ll bypass all of the other enlightening points you made and simply focus on one by kindly pointing out this: Sven Baertschi was traded for a second rounder, which directly helped the Flames secure Dougie Hamilton. Who, to your astute judgement, is not quite as good as Oiler prospect William Lagesson, but slightly more developed (for now) than John Marino.

      • Puck_Stops_Here

        How can Nurse be better than Giordano when Nurse hasn’t even made the NHL yet. Until Nurse does he could still be a flop. Nurse could possibly have more upside but until he actually makes the NHL full time your argument regarding these 2 defenseman has no proof and therefore mute.

        By the way I’m not a Flames nor an Oilers fan either so this is not showing any favoritism. To either team.

      • SSB1963

        Clearly you are looking for a reaction and I have a few minutes so I will bite. I commend you for stating that you are an Oilers fan, I am hoping that this is a long term allegiance not just a McDavid bandwagon thing. Nurse looks like he will be an NHLer…seems to have all the tools.

        However, he may still be hardpressed to make the Oilers next year and I am pretty sure that Gio will make the Flames NHL team….and on that point alone Gio must be better. Seriously dude, you lose all credibility when you come out with those type of statements. I think what you meant to say was that Nurse is not even in the NHL yet and he better than some of your players like Nikitin….I can live with that statement.

        As for our 2 promising prospects being Baertchi and Reinhart time will tell…however we got a Swedish player named Kilington for Baertchi that looks like he could be a keeper….Baertchi wasn’t a keeper….good a lots of things but not great at any.

        Finally, I think you should manage your expectations on McSavior. He is going to help the team no doubt but he will be on everyone’s radar screen because of the notoriety…so he may actually get most of the defensive attention from teams already….making it even more difficult on him. I don’t know many 6″0 players that are elusive enough to avoid hits for an entire season. I will enjoy watching him…he seems like a class act.

  • MattyFranchise

    First, in Flames the F is silent.

    Second, we’ll probably be a bubble team again. Might make it, might not. I’m not willing to bet that they will before I see what the opening lineup is going to be.

    Third, please hockey gods don’t let the Oilers draft first overall again.

    Fourth, and most importantly, I AM willing to bet that the Flames will once again finish higher in the standings than the Edmonton McDavids.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Dear Canucks and Canucks fans.

    Edmonton and Calgary are rivals.

    It is fun to trash talk with rivals.

    You are not our rival. You are nobody’s rival. And nobody in the world is interested in your trash talk.

    Nobody likes the Canucks. Canucks fans don’t even like the Canucks.

  • bigdaddykane

    I dont know what’s more depressing: being a long time canuck fan and watching Sir Bennington get fleeced on every trade he makes, or watching oilers and flames fans argue about which team will make the playoffs. The Oil need to learn how to play a style other than fire drill pond hockey. They have been the easiest team by far to play against for about 5 years. Easily pushed off the puck. Easily convinced to stay on the perimeter. Easily walked through on the way to the net. Calgary with Hamilton is gonna be better than last year on the back end for sure. But remember boys. You got us in the first round: an old, slow, tired team full of 34 year olds, a rookie medicine hat coach, and a goalie with one knee. Anaheim looked like they would win a series against Calgary in 3 games last year. Ferland who? Ain’t nobody making it past the pacific division first round this coming season

    • Puck_Stops_Here

      True, the Flames had plenty of weaknesses last year. Don’t berate your team too much though, they did finish the season ahead of ours and we beat you down. Without our best player (and the keystone to our defense).

      Don’t give me that “Ferland who” business. The last guy to bring up that crap was deemed to actually be irrelevant, and got traded. Ferland was concussed during the first Ducks game so no, he didn’t have much of an impact.

      Also, you had at least 3 good knees between the Canuck goalies we 96’d last April.

      • bigdaddykane

        The canucks more than ever are built for the regular season. The Sedins (god bless their souls-some of the finest men to ever play hockey, true gentlemen for their dedication to the team and city) are amazing on a “saw em on a Tuesday night road trip” power play, but in a seven game series they can be game planned against. They aren’t Kane and Toews. The rest of the team rapidly falls off in scoring depth. The defense got sadly exposed in that series.
        As for your comment about three legs…’re absolutely right. Ergo my rookie medicine hat coach (a dig at the brain trust of the organization many of us in Mudville here aren’t currently very happy with) who a) refused to play Vrbata with the Sedins even after Burrows went down and b) immediately put in Miller instead of Lack who was doing just fine. None of his goals were serious gaffes. They were Bieksa/Sbisa/Weber getting turnstiled continuously. Miller said “im not 100%.” Guess what? He wasn’t. I he went anyway. WTF. Willie D kept him in even after he was obviously getting beat laterally.
        Ferland who indeed. He got concussed. By a bigger, deeper, better team in Anaheim that utterly crushed the flames, 1 win be damned. That was my point about Ferland, the Flames and the Pacific division. Now Lucic is in LA. Nasty bloody division. I never thought I’d miss the days of being in the northwest and being force fed 8 Minnesota games a year

        • Puck_Stops_Here

          Ferland’s injury was a torn oblique, suffered when he was hit by his own player (Jones). Now that Mr. Irrevelent is in Anaheim, the Flames should be able to win a game in Anaheim. No more Mr. Beauchemin either. Good times.

          I’m not quite sure what made Monahan and Hudler ineffective against the Ducks. Johnny was able to play against them, so it wasn’t size.

        • SSB1963

          Thanks for the engaging chat.

          I wasn’t trying to say that the Canucks are properly managed. In fact as time goes on, I’m more and more aware of the opposite. What I was trying to get at, was they were still a better team on paper, and managed to fail anyway (I guess that’s your point as well).

          As for Ferland, he was concussed by an unfortunate elbow from a team mate. If you think he was negated by his lack of “relevance”, or by being over-matched, that’s false.

          I won’t argue that the Flames, as a whole, were over-powered by the Ducks. That’s obvious. Having Hamilton and Gio going into the post season, as well as another year of development for the largest offensive producers for the Flames, will be a hell of a step up from last year.

          • bigdaddykane

            Agreed. Civil discourse amongst Canadian hockey fans of division rivals is a rarity. At least flames fans have hope. I hate the flames more than Boston. We’ve had more series against Calgary abd Calgary’s won most of them. That really, really sucks. But at least your team is on the rise. So is Edmonton. Finally tge darkness has left oil town, regardless of whether they make the playoffs. The team and fans have hope. Not much hope west of the Rockies these days. Its not Benning/Lindens fault per se, although so far Benning doesn’t seem to be helping much with stupid trades and stupid contracts to crappy players a la Sbisa, but we hired him to fix one the crappier drafting teams in league history, so I’ll judge him based on prospect development. The team needs to either fish or cut bait. You can’t rebuild on the fly unless you’re phenomenally lucky. Calgary fans know this more than Vancouver fans do. The ownership demand to still chase a playoff seed isn’t helping the rebuild. You’ll never win a cup drafting 23 every year

    • Puck_Stops_Here

      Every year we hear that the Oilers will make the playoffs because they have signed ____, or they just drafted an NHL-ready kid in the first round called _____. The media (some employed by the Oilers) go on about how much the team has done in the off-season, and how they will make the playoffs.

      Every year, it turns out to be the same thing. Goalie disappoints. New D-man is a plug or is injured. Coach makes bad decisions. Oilers out of contention by November. Rinse and repeat.

      Please inform me Oiler faithfull how you have changed the culture, work ethic and team structure to go from 62 points to 96+ points in one season. Do you think a kid out of junior is going to turn the franchise around? If he fails to score 60 points, is he going to be labelled a bust?

  • Oil Vice

    Everyone seen the rules of the new poll regarding the top 10 most respected professional teams in Canada?

    The one that has the Flames 4th and the Stampeders 10th? Edmonton based teams..yeahhh thanks for coming out.. The results aren’t surprising just must be a real Maver punt to the junk for those in Shelbyville

  • Dirty30

    Well this explains the provincial election results … Both the Oilers and Flames saw the NDP on the ballot and thought they were being asked if they wanted actual NHL teams and — wait for it — landslide.

    At least Calgary has some class … Well, their woman love Vancouerites “ooooh you must be a millionaire!” “Actually honey, I just have all my own teeth.” “Oooooh, even better!”

    Cowtown– it’s not just a nickname.

    Still better than Edmonton where the only way to know which one are the women is that they grow better play-off beards than the men.

    Of course, they do that year-round …

  • piscera.infada

    deutschland dangler wrote:

    Nurse is already better than giordano…


    I usually don’t get suckered into these pissing matches, but… just… what?

  • Puck_Stops_Here

    There is no doubt the Flames have had the best offseason across the league. It was close after the Oilers signed for Sekeraj (?) and traded for Gryba , okay so it was never really close. It’s going to be another great season..

  • piscera.infada

    deutschland dangler wrote:

    the only prospects you had tat looked promising were bartchi and reinhart…

    Again, sorry? [Not only for content, but also a plea for some proofreading.]

  • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

    Every team has good and bad luck.
    I saw a Flames team that dedicated themselves to hard work and determination. And deserved to make the playoffs. I don’t see them regressing.

    If we had a group that took their work skates onto the ice, maybe we wouldn’t be the embarrassment of hockey. Leadership is a difficult to find quality. Let’s hope we finally found one. There haven’t been one here since Pronger left town.

    • Cool Story, Brodie!!!

      All joking aside I totally agree. Your team can have all the skill in the world but if you don’t put the work in and fight for your team mates it won’t amount to much. There’s been a lot of personnel changes in Edmonton. Now let’s see if that translates to a culture change.

  • Puck_Stops_Here

    I’m convinced the Oilers flavour of Koolaid is that horrible blue-raspberry kind (what is that, anyway?).

    How can you guys drink so much of that crap?

  • The Last Big Bear

    i wish our alberta friends the best of success for their hockey teams. we’re all in this together and so many on this side of the rockies, and throughout canada, are so appreciative of your recent political actions. may success in hockeyland be your instant reward. if the groundswell you caused leads to the departure of you-know-who as pm then maybe even playoff success will be granted to you by the orange hand of hockeygod.